Universal Audio, a leading manufacturer of professional audio recording hardware and software, is proud to introduce UAD Software v9.15. Featuring new plug-ins from AMS Neve and Manley Labs, this update brings authentic emulations of sought-after vintage and modern recording hardware to the UAD library.

ams dmx 400pxAMS® DMX Digital Delay & Pitch Shifter — $299

Introduced in 1978, the AMS DMX 15-80 S was the world's first microprocessor controlled, 15-bit digital delay and pitch shifter. Used on classic albums by Joy Division, Nirvana, Brian Eno, Prince, and many more, the AMS DMX is famous for adding its iconic '80's-era space and depth.

Exclusively for Apollo and UAD hardware, the AMS DMX Digital Delay & Pitch Shifter plug-in brings the sound of this vintage digital AMS studio rack unit to the UAD library, with added features including Tempo Sync, Dual VCO mode, Dry/Wet Mix, and more.

Manley Tube Preamp 400pxManley® Tube Preamp — $149

Manley tube mic preamps are modern classics, known for adding richness and character to any signal that passes through them. The Manley Tube Preamp plug-in gives Apollo and UAD hardware users the same smooth clarity and front-end tube detail in an easy-to-use plug in.

Featuring Unison™ technology, users can harness the impedance characteristics and gain staging “sweet spots” of this boutique Class-A circuit for added punch and tone while tracking. Or quickly add the sound of Manley’s famed preamp across multiple channels during mixdown.

UAD v9.15 Release Notes:

  • AMS DMX Digital Delay & Pitch Shifter brings the only authentic emulation of the rare, vintage digital hardware
  • Manley Tube Preamp packs classic tone in an easy to use plug in
  • New retina graphics for over 20 UAD plug ins
  • Support for Apple Silicon Macs and macOS 11 Big Sur

Download UAD Software v9.15 at www.uaudio.com/uad/downloads.

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