Prod512 Logo 400pxHuh? My job is to brand the radio station, not my production!

I hear ya. That’s what we’ve been doing since we’ve been doing the whole “Creative Services” thing, but when you come right down to it, it kinda means the same thing.

If you’re doing your job correctly, your production is instantly recognizable as being on your station, without saying the call sign or slug line. If you’re really on top of things, your production is quite literally the ‘personality’ of the station going way beyond what the music and deejays give it. And if you’re hitting it outta the park every day, your station is so together, it’s probably the easiest work your Account Executives have ever had.

Your job is NOT strategic. That’s all done by the PD, GM, OM and Promotions Team. Your job is TACTICAL. Your work is subject to change almost by the hour, certainly by the week. But, if you want to really serve the strategic interests of the radio station, you need to use strategic solutions to your tactical work…moods and methods that never change even though your work does.

In this month’s video, I give you the keys to the kingdom, how to think about your production long before you ever start the whole creative process. It’s simple stuff really. Five little steps with one being optional that anyone in your position can do today…right now.

It’s longer than usual so you might wanna take a bathroom break before you start. (OK, it’s not THAT long.)