Waves SG Apps Update 400pxWaves SoundGrid Apps UpdateWaves Audio, the world’s leading developer of professional audio signal processing technologies and plugins, announces new updates for all Waves SoundGrid® applications: the eMotion LV1 live mixer and the SuperRack plugin chainer for live sound processing, and the SoundGrid Studio and StudioRack applications for low-latency recording and mixing in the studio.

The new updates add integrated monitoring sync between SoundGrid Studio and two DAWs, REAPER and Bitwig Studio; support for the Waves MyMon personal monitor mixing app in SoundGrid Studio; graphic interface resizing options for all apps, including eMotion LV1 and SuperRack; and more new features and improvements.

SoundGrid Studio’s new automatic monitoring sync streamlines the workflow of REAPER and Bitwig Studio users when recording and monitoring in low latency through SoundGrid Studio. As a result of this new integration, REAPER and Bitwig Studio users can now automatically switch SoundGrid Studio’s I/O routing and toggle StudioRack’s Input/Playback modes directly from their DAW, saving time on routing and configuration. This new synergy between Waves’ studio applications and both DAWs streamlines REAPER and Bitwig Studio’s workflows for channel routing and auto-configurations throughout the recording process. The automated DAW sync keeps your recording session flowing with fast, hassle-free channel routing and switching, which until now had to be done manually.

Also new in Waves SoundGrid Studio is support for the Waves MyMon personal monitor mixing app, which gives musicians direct control of their monitor mixes during the recording process, via any mobile device.

These powerful updates to the Waves SoundGrid Studio software make it easier than ever to capture great studio performances, enhancing your ability to record through plugins with the Waves SoundGrid real-time processing and networking system.

New resizing/rescaling options added to the eMotion LV1 live mixer and the SuperRack live plugin rack allow users to customize the interfaces for their specific monitor setup. SuperRack’s user interface can now be automatically resized, and a new Display Auto-Scaling mode has been added to eMotion LV1 for better support of high-res screens.

In addition to these major new additions, the new update includes many more new features and performance improvements added to all four apps, enhancing your power to mix with Waves both in the studio and live.

More at http://www.waves.com.


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