REVEAL Virtual Studio 400pxAudeze, the leading audio technology brand and premium headphone manufacturer, and Embody, the leader in immersive, personalized spatial audio, today announced the launch of the remastered Reveal+ virtual studio plugin. This remastered version of Reveal+ delivers the next breakthrough in harnessing cloud computing and artificial intelligence to mix virtually on Audeze headphones. Reveal+ gives producers a visceral experience of feeling like they're in a world-class studio without being there. The result is producers can make better-informed mix decisions from the comfort of their Audeze headphones. Reveal+ is available for download now on Audeze’s website.

Key New Features:

  • Your Personalized HRTF, now even more precise - Embody’s enhanced AI algorithms now predict an even more precise HRTF for your ears, to give you the most accurate spatial listening experience on headphones.
  • Remastered sound - With an additional control parameter called HRTF Intensity, users can now adjust the sound field depth in order to hear finer details in their mix.
  • Featuring Grammy-winning studios and artists - Two new virtual studios designed and operated by Grammy and Multi-Platinum award-winning artist Bob Horn and Erik Reichers, Echo Bar Studios.
  • Partnering with music academies - Added premier Diamond Suite control room located at SAE Expression College in Emeryville, CA.
  • Refreshed User Interface - A sleek and intuitive UI for the best virtual studio mixing experience

Harnessing the Power of AI & Cloud Computing

In the new release of Reveal+, Embody enhanced its industry-leading artificial intelligence-driven technology called Immerse™, which computes your personalized audio profile or HRTF in under 30 seconds. Immerse has an improved ear extraction feature, which produces a better Personalized HRTF. As a result, the new Reveal+ gives you a greater sense of feeling that you’re in a world-class sound studio that has depth with the monitors delivering sound from a distance in front of you. Audio panning is even more manageable; it is easier to declutter your mix. The greater sense of depth allows you to hear timing and phase correlations better and, thus, details in your mix more accurately.

Availability & Pricing

  • Lifetime License for Reveal+: $199
  • Existing Reveal+ users: FREE upgrade
  • All Audeze headphone owners: $139 (SAVE 30% until May 11, 2021)
  • Reveal+ Producer bundles available with LCD-1, LCD-X, LCD-XC and LCD-MX4 Reference Headphones (SAVE $100 with these bundles)
  • 14 day FREE Trial available

Reveal+ is also available as a Free trial for 14-days without any commitment or credit card requirements, so users can try it risk-free before making a decision to purchase. Reveal+ trial is available for download at 

"The updated Reveal+ plugin, incorporates all major aspects of a true immersive audio experience," stated Audeze CEO Sankar Thiagasamudram. "Our long term relationship and collaboration with Embody has led to this all-in-one multimedia software platform allowing creators to produce the best audio experience from our headphones," he added.