iCON Pro Audio announces availability of its LivePod Plus Live Streaming Audio Processing Interface — the world’s first smartphone-sized micro-studio for live streaming and recording that real-time vocal processing and sound effects to an easy-to-use, hand-held portable device.

iCON Live Pod PlusC1Scan7 400pxNeedless to say, its smartphone-sized diminutive dimensions ensure that iCON Pro Audio’s LivePod Plus Live Streaming Audio Processing Interface literally fits into the palm of its user’s hand while letting them change effects at the touch of a button. But those diminutive dimensions bely the formidable firepower under the hood, wherein lies a custom DSP (Digital Signal Processor) with four 24-bit DSP (Digital Signal Processing) cores and a 16-bit CPU (Central Processing Unit) unleashing advanced digital voice parallel operational processing.

Put it this way: with colour-coded, backlit buttons, there is instant access to eight DSP-derived presets perfectly suitable for singing and speaking in a variety of styles — namely, the self-explanatory (blue backlit) POP, Karaoke, MC, Live, Bypass, Pitch, Hi Tone, and Lo Tone — with echo adjustment available on select presets. The three green-coloured backlit buttons positioned above allow Hi (high), Mid, and Low adjustable tone effects to dial in the desired sound, while the adjacent Vocal Tune orange-coloured backlit button automatically shifts vocal pitch to tune it accordingly (with a stick-on ‘template’ to assist). Elsewhere, eight built-in samples — Fun, Laugh, LOL (laugh out loud), Siren, Thrill, Air-horn, Clap, and Slap, as indicated by the associated emojis on their respective light blue backlit buttons — are always on tap to bring fun and excitement to content creation (and can be added to the streaming audio on the mobile device or through an audio interface and into a computer). Continuing in a downward direction, the red-coloured row of backlit buttons below those quick-fire sample triggers include Dry Wet — sending signal to the main output without and with effects, respectively — alongside Loop Back and Voice Over controls, the latter ducking audio when background music is present. Further front facia-sited features include eight-LED (Light Emitting Diode) mic gain level metering and eight-LED line in gain level metering (for the topside-sited 3.5mm stereo line input socket, labelled BGM IN — indicating background music input), while a four-colour LED indicates battery level — clearly crucial for any portable device, hand-held or otherwise.

Of course, the LivePod Plus Live Streaming Audio Processing Interface incorporates iCON Pro Audio’s trademark build-quality, courtesy of its sturdy metal housing — itself also housing the bottom side-sited 3.5mm stereo headset output socket, 3.5mm stereo line output socket, 3.5mm TS microphone input socket (switchable to provide phantom power to work with 5V condenser microphones), and 3.5mm TRRS (stereo-plus-mic) socket for direct connection with smartphones — all labelled with instantly-recognisable icons. Additionally, a DM (direct monitor) control on/off switch is provided (topside) alongside a power on/off switch.

Thanks to iCON Pro Audio’s LivePod Plus Live Streaming Audio Processing Interface, anyone can now readily access real-time vocal processing and sound effects with a compact, easy-to-use, hand-held device designed to enhance voices with vocal effects specially created for singing and speaking, while also adding a little ambience or wild effects — and all at the touch of a button! Better still, by buying in to the LivePod Plus Live Stream Toolkit — including the LivePod Plus Live Streaming Audio Processing Interface itself, a C1 condenser microphone and MB-02 tabletop microphone stand, a pair of Scan-7 in-ear monitoring headphones, two tabletop LivePod Plus or smartphone stands, and all necessary cables (all in a classy carry case) — they can also access everything needed to create professional content anywhere at any time. Perfectly pairing the LivePod Plus Live Stream Toolkit with a smartphone provides everything needed to start streaming right away, in other words!

iCON Pro Audio’s LivePod Plus Live Streaming Audio Processing Interface is available through the company’s growing global network of distributors, priced at $229.99 USD. The LivePod Plus Live Stream Toolkit is priced at $349.99 USD.

For more information, please visit https://iconproaudio.com/product/livepod-plus-streaming-bundle-with-c1-microphone/.

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