Carl Tatz Design has announced a new high-performance professional reference studio subwoofer as part of its acclaimed line of PhantomFocus™ Precision Monitoring Instruments.   

Carl Tatz PFM Sub 400pxThe PFM ICE Cube-12 Subwoofer anchors the foundational sonic footprint of the PhantomFocus System but can be used in any application where the audio professional demands the highest low-frequency performance with full 20 Hz frequency response and extremely tight and powerful dynamic pitch articulation. 

Two years in development, it is the first subwoofer to display the PFM moniker and the finest ever to be implemented into the acclaimed PhantomFocus System™ (PFS™).  

Designed with the latest cutting-edge ICE Power® amplifier technology developed by Bang & Olufsen (B&O) of Denmark, the PFM ICE Cube-12 Subwoofer renders both effortless power on demand and virtually no wasted energy, all while running cool. 

The 12-inch long-throw, audiophile grade paper-coned driver offers tremendous sonic authority, and along with a massive magnet motor structure and cast aluminum frame, it takes no prisoners as it defines the engine for the PFS. Additionally, the no-nonsense simple design of the ICE Cube-12 Subwoofer employs a powerful DSP solution for crossover and driver control as well as maintaining a low distortion output by preventing signal overload. The unusually strong cabinet is built with 3/4-inch medium-density fiberboard (MDF) that has been internally laminated with a 1/8-inch aluminum substrate bracing mechanism for ultra-rigidity.  

The PFM ICE Cube-12 Dimensions are HWD 15.75" x 15.75" x 15.75" (400.05 mm x 400.05 mm x 400.05 mm) and weighs 55 lbs. (24.9476 kg), Max Continuous SPL 120 dB, 700 Watts Amp, Low Pass Filter 40-140 Hz with LFE Bypass, 0-180 Phase Switch, L&R Line Level RCA/PFS Balanced XLR input, Studio Black High Gloss Finish. 

The PFM ICE Cube-12 Subwoofer and additional specifications are available now from


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