TransAudio Group announces the newly-revamped line of Subwoofer Pros Studio subwoofers. Designed specifically for mission-critical professional recording and mixing work, the Studio Sub2-Series specializes in delivering brutally-honest, flat low end down to 16Hz.

Subwoofer Pros Studio Sub2 12C 400pxAll three revamped models, the Sub2-10C, Sub2-12C, and Sub2-18C, feature 10, 12 and 18-inch drivers in compact housing to fit into even the most cramped control rooms. Its newly-improved back panel includes left/right XLR summing inputs, polarity, volume, and four possible low-pass filter cutoffs at 95Hz, 80Hz, 60Hz, or 40Hz to perfectly pair with any nearfield monitors. The Studio Sub2 Series’ small sizes and competitive pricing make it possible to strategically locate multiple units around a control room to manage room modes for a wide “sweet spot.”

“Most nearfield monitors drop off somewhere below 100Hz,” explained Brad Lunde, founder and president of TransAudio Group. “The Subwoofer Pros Studio Sub2 Series is designed to work with professional nearfield monitors, expanding a complete system’s response down to 16Hz. It does not make use of ports, transmission lines, passive radiators, or any other acoustical trickery to boost output at the expense of fidelity. The Studio Sub delivers pure, honest bass that won’t let you believe you’ve achieved solid low end unless you really have. You’ll be able to work with confidence, knowing that your work with successfully translate to any other professional or consumer playback system. Importantly, the new back panel – and especially the variable low pass cutoff frequency – really improves its flexibility and adaptability, and its small size allows you to put a Studio Sub2 just about anywhere, including on top of the meter bridge.”

Made in the USA, the Subwoofer Pros Studio Sub2s are powered by a linear 300W (Sub2-10C) or 700W (Sub2-12C and Sub2-18C) amplifier. A dynamic filter provides overload protection. Weighing in at 29lbs., 41lbs. and 65lbs., respectively, the Studio Sub2-10C, Sub2-12C, and Sub2-18C are capable of generating 93dB, 100dB and 103dB SPL at 1 meter @ 40Hz.

All models are available and ready for shipping. MAP PRICING: Studio Sub2-10C - $1750; Studio Sub2-12C - $2290; Studio Sub2-18C - $2690. More at

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