Dalet, a leading provider of solutions and services for media organizations and content professionals, announced at NAB 2019 (booth SL6610) the release of Dalet Xtend for Adobe Audition, connecting professional audio production to the main content value chain.

Dalet Xtend 400pxAdobe Audition offers a comprehensive professional toolset for mixing and editing audio for video, broadcast, and podcast content. The Dalet Xtend panel for Adobe Audition brings support for session management, including the ability to search and browse the categories of the Dalet Galaxy five content catalog.  Users can import both audio and video titles with locators as markers into the Adobe Audition timeline, as well as clips, storyboards, and EDLs. Adobe Audition editors can also save sessions as Dalet Xtend titles directly back to the Dalet Galaxy five content catalog and archive without leaving the application.

“Dalet Xtend for Adobe Audition empowers creatives with wider and deeper access to metadata-rich assets, minimizing the technical complexity of tracking, converting, migrating or even simply locating media across the enterprise thanks to Dalet Galaxy five,” comments Golan Tsarfaty, editing product line manager, Dalet. “With the underlying Dalet Galaxy five platform managing the nuances of the media lifecycle, Adobe Audition audio editors are free to focus on the art of editing, mixing and finishing their packages using the very best audio assets available.”

“The Adobe-Dalet collaboration continues to bring expanded capabilities for our customers. Dalet’s new integration for Adobe Audition is a great addition to their panel for Adobe Premiere® Pro,” states Sue Skidmore, head of partner relations for Adobe video. “Our customers accessing Dalet’s Audition panel will create new efficiencies in their production workflows, enabling them to focus on their creative output.”

Dalet Xtend for Adobe Audition governs access to Dalet Galaxy five content hubs and archives, enabling cross operation collaboration with a comprehensive level of metadata tracking and management that ensures asset genealogy stays intact. Tsarfaty explains the user benefits, “Up until now, audio editors would have had to export a limited audio file to a shared folder on the storage platform and then import it into Adobe Audition and vice versa after they were done working with it. Important details such as metadata were lost in the transaction. Dalet Xtend for Adobe Audition opens a window into the Dalet Galaxy five content catalog and archive without having to leave the Adobe Audition application. With full access to assets, audio editors can expand their creative palette and view projects as a whole, simplifying their day to day operations, making the most of their valuable time, and freely collaborating with colleagues across the operation.” Tsarfaty concludes “Dalet Xtend for Adobe Audition is an important step in simplifying professional audio production workflows. Following the same development philosophy of our Dalet Xtend panel for Adobe Premiere Pro offering, we will continue to work closely with Adobe to evolve our integrations, building an ecosystem that simplifies enterprise multimedia workflows while unleashing the full potential of creative teams’ capabilities and collaboration.”

Learn more about what Dalet Galaxy five and Adobe can do for you: https://www.dalet.com/partner/adobe.