Atomica Music announces new releases for Spring. 31 new albums include MRG1034 Indie Film Soundtrack - Slightly left of center yet from the heart. Organic instruments played with a childlike hopefulness. DHV1048 Southern Gothic - Rugged and artsy blues vocal songs with hints of spirituality, heaven and hell. The struggles of men. Images of chain gangs, and old timey southern life.

Atomica Music FSD1016FSD1016 Caught Between Worlds - Epic fantasy songs featuring haunting female vocals. Orchestral with current electronic flavors. DHM1115 The Reveal - Storytelling toolkit. All tracks begin light to set the stage. A slight build then explode to the Reveal. Varied styles. Impactful and dynamic. MRG1035 Step Up - 3 distinct levels of building energy, dynamics and instrumentation for the beginning, middle and end of your story. EKT1014 Tropical Pop -Positive and bright mid-tempo dance pop hybrid with mild imagery of beaches, pools and sunshine. Fun in the sun. DHV1047 Greatnez -Super swagger hip hop vocal cues. Bravado and attitude. UCM1072 Sublime Soundscapes - Effervescent and organic. Unique image beds for storytelling. Check out all 31 new albums at