Leading audio codec manufacturer Tieline Technology has announced the addition of comprehensive new file recording and playback features in the ViA remote codec. "Tieline continues to innovate by integrating market-leading record and playback functionality into ViA, the radio industry's foremost codec for a diverse range of live remotes," said Jake Daniluck, Tieline Sales Americas.

Unprecedented New Record and Playback Functions

Tieline Via 400pxFlexible touch screen record and playback functions allow you to:

  • Select input sources to record.
  • View and manage recordings.
  • Create playlists of local recordings and imported files.
  • Control playback routing to specified codec encoders, as well as analog and digital outputs.

"With the inclusion of record and playback functionality, using Tieline's ViA is like taking an entire radio studio with you on the road," said Daniluck. "No longer do you need outdated or additional gear like mixers, equalizers, compressors, recorders and playback machines - with ViA it is all-in-one and ready to go!"

Remotely Control ViA with Tieline's New Cloud Codec Controller

Your entire network of ViA and Tieline codecs can also be managed remotely with Tieline's new Cloud Codec Controller. This provides online/offline status, connection status, link quality, remote monitoring and adjustment of input levels, plus the ability to remotely dial and hang-up connections from the studio, or anywhere with an internet connection. Plus you can launch each codec's HTML Toolbox web-GUI and access all codec controls

Before purchasing your next remote codec, see the impressive range of built-in features in ViA for yourself. Tieline invites you to see the new ViA firmware with record and playback functionality for the first time at booth N6506 at NAB 2018.

Add Tieline to your NAB Show planner here to see these features for the first time. Record and playback features will be available in a FREE firmware update soon after the NAB Show.

For more information visit www.tieline.com