Multimedia1Here’s another question for the Q It Up panel from one of our readers:

“The definition of production is changing at a rapid pace in radio.  As a company, we no longer refer to ourselves as Broadcasters, but as a Media Organization.  Broadcasting alone, just isn't enough anymore with web, social media, video and everything else that radio stations are trying to keep up with.  Traditionally, producers in radio worked with audio, now responsibilities are much broader.  We produce content and our departments are larger while new departments and concepts are materializing daily.

My question is this:  What are radio stations doing to keep up with the ever growing demands that exist to be in a million places at once?  Who is shooting Facebook Live videos in your station?  Do you have Web and Graphic Design designated people operating under your roof now, or are you still outsourcing?  How are you handling Social Media in-house?  What's your system at the moment, and how do you anticipate it growing?  

I feel that all of the above duties (and more) also fall under the title of "Production", they require Production Orders, Writers, Scheduling, Editors and Producers just like audio always had.  

How are other radio stations, or "Media Organizations" handling all of this?”

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