The loop-based Digital Audio Workstation ACID Pro is back with its first major update in ten years. MAGIX Software has completely overhauled the software that revolutionised loop-based music making 20 years ago and has added many new professional features, dozens of new instruments and effects and an all-powerful 64-bit architecture. Yet with a brand new, sleek and modern interface and its innovative loop-based compositional environment, the software retains the easy workflow that it is famous for. ACID Pro has been revitalised for today's creative artist and producer but it is as easy to use today, as it was 20 years ago.

ACID Pro 8 400pxThe last major update to ACID Pro, by the previous owner Sony Creative Software, was in 2008. ACID Pro 8 not only represents a major upgrade of the software, but demonstrates MAGIX Software's commitment to the brand going forward – indeed the company will be adding VST3 support in a free update later this year. ACID Pro 8 is sure to please both its large and loyal fanbase – which MAGIX consulted with for many of the new updates – and also new users looking for a creative DAW that marries top-spec features with ease of use.

 New features

Whether you are making 24-bit, 192kHz multitrack recordings, mixing with multiple effects in real time, or composing with the dozens of plug-in instruments, ACID Pro 8 will step up to the plate and offer you all the latency free power you need thanks to its new powerful 64-bit architecture.

 With all of this extra power and features MAGIX has redesigned the GUI to enhance ACID Pro's famed ease of use. The sleek and modern interface makes navigating and editing a breeze. Loop-based composition has never been so innovative and powerful and never looked so good!

 MAGIX has also added over $1000 of instruments and effects to ACID Pro 8 – remarkable in itself as the software retails for just $149! There's powerful virtual analogue synthesis from DN-e1; the classic sound of vintage outboard from Vintage Effects Suite; screaming guitar effects by way of Vandal; flexible and high quality sampling from Vita 2; plus 11 Vita solo instruments that cover everything from Pop Drums to Cinematic Synths. As if that's not enough, ACID Pro 8 will also come with 9GB of all new ACID-ized loops and samples.

Finally MAGIX has announced Producer Planet, a new online content platform where users can purchase even more ACIDized loops, sounds and instruments.

ACID Pro 365

MAGIX has also announced ACID Pro 365, a new way to enjoy ACID Pro. Users get all the  power and functionality of the regular ACID Pro 8 but enjoy all future updates, full support plus additional instruments and effects for monthly fee of just $7.99.

“ACID Pro has a long, distinguished history and a very large and loyal following. It was vital, then, that we spent a long time consulting with this ACID community of artists and producers over how we should improve the software, and we are very pleased that the most important suggestions have been included in ACID Pro 8. This enormous passion of the ACID fan base has really been transferred to me and my team,” says Torsten Heise, ACID Pro 8's product owner. “We firmly believe that, with its enhanced power and features-set, this latest version of ACID Pro will appeal to those users and a completely new generation of creative musicians and professional producers. ACID Pro 8 heralds a new dawn in the software's glorious history and will become the DAW of choice for today's forward-thinking and creative artists.”

As well as ACID Pro 8, MAGIX Software is also committed to reviving and maintaining other professional audio titles including SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 12, SOUND FORGE Pro Mac 3, and SOUND FORGE Pro 12.

New Features of ACID Pro 8 at a glance

  • • A modern, sleek and inspiring interface
  • • Powerful 64-bit technology
  • • Flexible 24-bit, 192kHz multitrack recording
  • • Innovative loop-based composition
  • • Advanced MIDI and audio editing features
  • • $1000 of new plug-in instruments and effects
  • • 9GB of all-new ACIDized loops.

Price and availability: ACID Pro 8: $149.00; ACID Pro 365: from $7.99 per month. More at


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