Mackie today announces a complete modernization of its popular Big Knob monitor controller, expanding the lineup and including models with high-resolution USB recording and playback. The all-new Big Knob Series features three models - Big Knob Passive, Big Knob Studio and Big Knob Studio+.

"The Big Knob is undeniably the go-to monitor controller for project and professional studios, and has been for more than a decade," remarks Mackie Product Manager, Jon Rundle. "The new Big Knob Series builds on this proven workflow with a healthy infusion of modern tools for any home, project or professional studio."

Now with three products in the Big Knob lineup, studios of any size will benefit from the professional source/monitor selection and precise level control that made the original such a popular choice. Plus, with the addition of high-resolution Onyx™ USB recording and playback, studios get a powerful, hybrid solution that is truly greater than the sum of its parts. Both the Big Knob Studio and Big Knob Studio+ offer high-resolution USB interfacing, featuring dual Onyx mic preamps, delivering an ultra-wide 60dB of gain range and award-winning sound quality. For the affordably-priced Big Knob Studio, having such a high-quality interface on board truly creates an amazing solution for users building their first studio.

 MAC Big Knob Studio web

"With Big Knob Studio, you not only get a great-sounding USB interface, you get all the benefits of a premium monitor controller," comments Rundle. "At a price you'd pay for just an interface, you get so much more. It's the ultimate home or project studio solution. Just add monitors and you are good to go."

The most compact and affordable, Big Knob Passive offers a rock-solid monitor control solution, allowing users to choose between two sources, two monitors and control it all with one Big Knob. Its no-power-required passive design ensures pristine sonic integrity for any home studio application or for integration into a large studio or group of editing suites. Big Knob Studio adds USB recording/playback and expands on the I/O, offering a routing choice between three sources and two monitor pairs. It includes great studio features like integrated talkback and dual headphone outs that really help in the studio. Big Knob Studio+ adds even more features, offering the right I/O for flexible integration into professional studios. The 4x3 routing delivers choice, including a USB playback from a DAW with 192kHz / 24-bit audio conversion. Other tools like a dedicated, amp-driven studio out for a headphone distribution system are ideal for project and professional studios.

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"With the expanded lineup and comprehensive feature set, Big Knob offers flexible solutions for any type of studio," concludes Rundle. "Looking for a streamlined monitor switcher? Looking for a high-resolution interface? The Big Knob Series offers all this and more. Big Knob will truly be the nerve center of your studio."

The Mackie Big Knob Series is debuting at the 2017 Winter NAMM Show with worldwide availability beginning April 2017. Big Knob Passive has a U.S. MSRP of $89.99,

Big Knob Studio has a U.S. MSRP of $259.99 and Big Knob Studio+ has a U.S. MSRP of $389.99. For more information, visit