Audio processing leader Orban has announced the availability of the Orban NeuStar Air2 codec pre-conditioner.  Designed to significantly improve the quality of lossy, compressed audio, the NeuStar Air2 codec pre-conditioner provides perceived audio quality of twice the effective bit-rate.

Orban NeuStar Air2

The NeuStar Air2 was specifically designed to improve the sonic performance of low bit-rate internet streams, HD Radio multicasts, DAB/DAB+ and DRM channels. “Many internet and terrestrial radio stations depend on lossy, compressed source material for a large portion of their programming,” said David Day, Orban’s President. “The problem is that while listeners expect a broad range of programming choices, they won’t tolerate low quality sound performance for very long. Our design goal for the NeuStar product was increase time-spent-listening and keep listeners from becoming irritated and tuning to another station.”

Orban's proprietary codec pre-processing engine has been specially tuned for operation at 24 kbps, 32 kbps, 48 kbps, 64 kbps and 128 kbps rates with any codec including HE-AAC v2. It significantly reduces artifacts from lossy codecs and other low bit-rate sources. Day said the ultimate goal is to deliver quality content while preserving a station’s unique sound signature, “ensuring a win-win for both the broadcaster and listener.”

The NeuStar Air2 will make its official debut at NAB 2017 in booth N3203 and is available for immediate shipment. Contact Orban to schedule a demo.


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