AtomicaMusic PopAnthemsAtomica Music announces new releases for Q2 now online and ready for immediate licensing. 17 new albums include: DHV1030 Pop Anthems - Captivating vocal anthems with strong attention grabbing hooks. Indie pop and dance vibes; DHM1056 Man And Machine - Innovative blend of sound design and electronica. Loaded with ear candy, breaks and stops for powerful editing possibilities. For technology, innovation, industry and artificial intelligence; SPS1007 Positive Happy Pop #2 - Happy happy feel good tracks for advertising. Light hearted and spirit lifting; MRG1017 Positive Motion - Constant pulse and movement with subtle leanings toward hope and optimism. Ranging from organic to synthetic. Earthy to atmospheric; CAT1051 Magical China - Traditional Chinese music styles, featuring the culture's most iconic instruments. Serene and lush cues with applications ranging from feature film to documentaries, news and travel programming; DHM1055 NYC Street Drummers - Authentic street drummers using a blend of real drums and various buckets and metals creating propelling syncopated rhythms. For action, movement and drama. Dry and wet mixes.

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  • The R.A.P. CD - January 2002

    Production demo from interview subject, Ned Spindle at Q101/WKQX-FM, Chicago, IL; plust more promos, commercials and imaging from Ric Gonzalez, Cox...