By Jerry Vigil

It was a long time coming, but it’s here! Last year, in the Commercials group in the online RAP Community, Earl Pilkington posted a question looking for suggestions on where he might be able to park a bunch of scripts he had written to share with others. I jumped at the chance to add them to the R.A.P. website, and we’re happy to announce its debut. If you’ve read our interview of Earl in this month’s issue, then you know he doesn’t write copy to win awards but instead writes to get results. So you won’t find a treasure-trove of award winning scripts in the Copy Bank, but you will find over 100 scripts that Earl has added to kick this thing off. They are each ready to adapt to your client or to grab an idea from.

The Copy Bank is open to the public, but if R.A.P. Members log in first, you’ll be able to add your own script to the bank, and that is something we’re hoping you might do. Earl said it best when he said he wanted to Pay It Forward by providing these scripts. That’s what the Copy Bank is, a place to not only get scripts and copy ideas, but also a place where you too can pay it forward. (In fact, that’s pretty much what everyone contributing to Radio And Production is doing.)

Check it out, use it, contribute if you can, spread the word, and hit me up with any feedback at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.