Q It Up: How long have you been using your current multi-track audio editing program?

The Q It Up panel responds to this month's Q: How long have you been using your current multi-track audio editing program? Which one is it and why did you choose this one? What version are you using? For you, what are the pros and cons of your DAW? Have you worked with other programs? What did you like/dislike about them? Would you like to switch to another DAW? What other editing software do you use -- a separate one for 2-track editing perhaps? Please add any other comments.

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Production 512: The Dark Side of Tech

by Dave Foxx

At the risk of completely dating myself, I will say that I grew up in the era of the 45. I will explain to some of the younger readers that a 45 is a piece of plastic, pressed into a disc shape with a 1.5-inch hole in the middle. On both sides of the disc was a groove with little bumps in it that a turntable needle would be dragged through as the disc was turned 45 revolutions per minute on a turntable, much like you see in your favorite vinyl-playing nightclub, only with a much bigger spindle. The spindle on those turntables is a much smaller .238 inches, exactly the same as the old 33 1/3 LP records and the 78rpm records before that. In that groove on the 45, just like in your favorite vinyl night club, the little bumps cause the needle (actually, a better word is stylus) to vibrate in a way that can be transmogrified (cool word) into an electrical current and ultimately into a loud noise coming out of the monitors.

An Introduction to Telephone On-Hold Messaging

by Andrew Frame

On-hold messaging has an advantage over broadcast advertising, in that the potential customer is already “in the market” for a product or service – to the point they are calling prospective vendors. The decision has been made. Now, it’s only a matter of who to purchase from. Can you translate your background from broadcast copywriter and producer to telephone message on hold, or MOH? Easily.

The Commercial Chronicles: Keeping the Creative Fires Burning!

by Dennis Daniel

Let’s face it…this job can get pretty monotonous! In my particular situation at the ad agency, I am locked into the automotive retail division. This is the division that makes the most money by far because auto dealers NEED to advertise! It’s rather lucky, really…to have the kind of clientele that can only have true success if they get their message out there. Trouble is…they all pretty much have the same message! And therein lies the monotony! How many different ways are there to say, “Get zero percent financing up to 72 months!” Or “Zero down payment, just sign and drive!” Not many. And yet, every working day of my life, that’s exactly what I have to do! Day in, day out! I sometimes wake up in a cold sweat just thinking about the challenges that will be placed before me that I have to master because…it’s my job!

Radio Wordsmiths: Who Are You Writing For?

by Kurt Kaniewski

Who are you writing for? I heard someone make the observation that a lot of movie critics write to impress other movie critics. Which got me to thinking -- are WE writing for other radio people? Or are we writing for listeners? Ever found yourself tuning away from a station once a local commercial starts playing? Might it be because many locally produced radio commercials sound alarmingly just like the locally produced commercials all along the dial? (“Dial”? OK, so I’m showing my age.)

Radio Hed: Be Careful How You Seed the Imagination

by Jeffrey Hedquist

As creators of audio marketing we have tremendous power. With a few words, voices, sound effects, music and silence we can get listeners to feel, taste, smell, and see. But sometimes, without realizing it, we misuse our power and leave the listener with an impression or experience that defeats the purpose of the commercial.
I’ve heard commercials for restaurants that would kill appetites; for security systems that instill fear; for do it yourself suppliers that leave the impression that it will be very difficult for the listener to do it himself. What happened here?

Mentoring Radio Talent

by Earl Pilkington

Recently, I chatted with my personal ‘mentor’ Mat Cummins and also a recent graduate of a radio school, Christian Dichiera, to discover their thoughts on the world of mentorship within the radio industry in Australia.

The R.A.P. Soundstage

Not only do we each year congratulate all the winners and runners-up of the RAP Awards, but we always acknowledge those that came very close to the finals with our “Best of the Rest”! This month, we finish our Awards presentations with the Best of the Rest from the Imaging and Promo categories. Imaging entries are on tracks 1-3. Large Market Promos are on tracks 3-10. Medium Market Promos are on tracks 11-18, and Small Market Promos wrap it up on tracks 19-24. One final round of applause, please! [applause sfx]

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