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► The New York Festivals International Radio Program Awards has announced the 2016 Finalists. NYF’s Grand Jury selected 296 Finalists from entries submitted from 29 countries worldwide.  Entries were judged by the 2016 Grand Jury on production values, organization, presentation of information, creativity and use of the medium. All entries achieving Finalist status proceed to the medal round to determine Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies. Winners will be announced later this month on June 20 at the awards ceremony at Manhattan Penthouse in New York City. View all the 2016 Radio Awards Finalists HERE.

Adam Goodman webAdam Goodman, Ace & TJ’s longtime manager, has been named as the first member of the Radio Button Network management team and will serve as President / C.E.O. Syndicated radio personalities Ace & TJ launched the Radio Button Network as a radio personality resource service run BY talent FOR talent focusing on ‘the other 20 hours’ providing digital content & delivery, direct response, radio syndication and the creation of new inventory.  The Radio Button Network helps talent and ownership pool their resources to create new revenues for both performers and stations. Adam Goodman: “I am excited to be able to further engage with the great content radio personalities create every day. Digital distribution now opens immediate revenue streams, brand growth and audience interaction the performers and the radio ownership they partner with will both love.” Ace: “It was his idea so who else was going to do it?” TJ: “I am thrilled to have Adam Goodman tell us that we have named Adam Goodman as President/CEO”. The Radio Button Network is currently seeking top radio talent who want to increase their value and inventory ‘the other 20 hours’ via digital, social media, direct response and brand growth. ►