by Jerry Vigil

Matthys Pischke at Vista Ideas Group in Kelowna, BC picks up this month’s Soundstage Editor’s Choice Award with his spot for the Campbell River Women's Centre – a well-done combination of copywriting, voiceover performance and production on a tough subject…

Domestic Violence Awareness is highlighted this time of year in both Canada and the US. Creating PSAs and commercials for this subject can be challenging. We often hear material with victims recounting their abuse, which is not easy to hear, but actually hearing the abuse is even more difficult to take in. Matthys Pischke submitted a spot that carefully but strongly simulates what domestic violence can sound like. Not comfortable to hear, but it certainly raises the “awareness” of this issue.

Hats off to Matthys and his team which included copywriter Nikki Love and VO talent Rachel Detta, Pete Montana, and Kev Cotter!

Check out the spot here. Comments welcome below.

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