Winner webby Trent Rentsch

The votes are in, the judges have spoken, and I’m happy to announce the winner of this year’s Love for an Audio Orphan contest, by a landslide, is… (drum roll, please):  CHRIS WILLIAMS of WXLC-FM/WKRS-AM and his “psychological comedy” ad for Crazy Daisy Florist!  Congratulations, Chris!  For wowing the Ace panel of judges, you’ll receive a prize package, including a copy of Ozone 7 from our friends at iZotope!

For those of you keeping score, our 1st. Runner-up was Andrew Fraser, for his ingenious contest promo for “Don’t Stop Me Now,” and our 2nd. Runner-up was last year’s champion, Chadd Pierce, serving up the quirky “1 800 Swamp Flowers Dot Com Dot Slash Slash” commercial.  Congrats to our top 3… and to all of the Magnificent 7 who played along this year!

Trent Creates Words, Voices, Audio and Music. His professional home is Krash Creative. Drop him an email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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