The 26th Radio And Production Awards - Congratulations Winners!

Please join us in congratulating the winners, runners-up and finalists of the 26th Radio And Production Awards! We have two newcomers to the “Trophy Club” this year: Dave Calvert and Azeem Haq grab their first trophies in the Large Market Commercial and Best Feature Production categories respectively. Ron Tarrant, Gary McClenaghan and Howard Hoffman each pick up their third trophies, while Joe Meinecke and Sheldon Hovde each pick up their fifth trophies! And Ross McIntyre once again extends his all time lead with trophy number twelve!

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Q It Up: How far do you go to police the use of trademarked or copyrighted material in ads?

The Q It Up panel responds to this month's Q: As a Production or Creative Services Director, how far do you go to police the use of trademarked or copyrighted material in ads – not music, but phrases and sound bites -- specifically during things like the Super Bowl or the NCAA’s March Madness? What about “Let’s get ready to rumble!†or sound bites from TV shows or movies? What if your client insists that you use it in their ad or risk losing the buy? Do you do it? What if an agency sends you a pre-produced spot with this type of material in it? Are you forced by management to dub the spot, or do they back you? What has your experience been and what other thoughts do you have on this issue?

Production 512: The FIVE Pinocchio Promo

by Dave Foxx

Something I’ve seen popping up a lot in this contentious year of election news is, “This statement gets one pinocchio,” or 3 or 4, depending how false it is. Someone would have to be brain dead to not get the connection to the story of Pinocchio. Every lie would make his nose grow. Wouldn’t life be wonderful for us voters if that worked with politicians? My question to you is, “How often should your work get a pinocchio?”

World Turning

By Michael R. Lee, Ph.D.

It’s probably not an international conspiracy or a physical phenomenon like climate change or caused by excessive consumption of gluten. But changes in the creative side of global radio production, be it commercials or imaging, are significant and expanding.

The Commercial Chronicles: How Things We Never Thought Would Change, Changed - Part 2

by Dennis Daniel

Okay, last month I was waxing poetic about how everything that we held most dear when it comes to radio (and a few other things) has changed. It still blows my mind just how much has changed over so little time! Never in my wildest dreams did I think that the entire radio industry would be turned upside down and backwards by deregulation, satellite radio and streaming. Why just the other day my Sirius XM subscription was up for renewal. I had gotten a new car a few years back and got a great deal on the service… something like $50 for the year, for TWO cars. Now, they wanted $341.92! I said, “Are you fucking kidding me!!!!” Damn, I’ll just listen to my iPod (that’s what I usually do anyway) or better yet… Pandora! It’s FREE! Yes, you have to hear commercials, but there’s only like 1 or 2 an hour… big deal. PAYING for RADIO! WTF!!!! Surely this isn’t what really happened. Mmmmmmmm clearly, it IS.

The Be Where You Are Ball

by Mary L. Collins

During a stint as sales manager for a broadcasting company I attended my first sales meeting to meet the staff. There were numerous veterans on the team and a few newbies. At first glance I noticed how reluctant most were to be there. Sales meetings are notoriously dull, uninspiring and ponderous. And this group was a perfect example of what may have gone wrong before me. They were bored, jaded, and recalcitrant. As I began the meeting I noticed one person nodding off, another checking her cell phone, another chatting with the colleague next to him; and, yet another sales person who didn’t even bother to show up on time. She arrived about fifteen minutes late – a chronic habit, I was soon to recognize. The only person who seemed to truly be paying any attention to me was the newest and greenest rep on the staff. My oasis in a sea of discontent.

Radio Hed: Better Commercials through Uncovering Hidden Clues

by Jeffrey Hedquist

I’ve been poring over lots of filled-out client briefs lately. Even though I designed the questions, they don’t always provide everything I need to create commercials that work.
Here are some things I’ve done that may give you ideas to help clients.

"....And Make It Real Creative!”: Another Damned Demo

by Trent Rentsch

Last month I was tough on Voice Talents, from my perspective as a Producer who does a lot of casting. This month, I felt it was only fair that I rip myself a good one, as a Producer who also does a certain amount of voice work, for myself and others. And make no mistake, I have it coming to me.

Voiceover: Real versus Fake - How to Sound Genuine

by Amber O'Neill

Have you ever seen a commercial or heard a radio ad that almost hit on the “guy next door” sound, but narrowly missed and for some reason came off creepy and robotic? It’s like those videos they used to wheel in on the TV cart in middle school (this was well before Smart Boards) on days our teacher didn’t want to deal with the drama that was our 11-year-old lives. You know the videos I’m talking about -- the one where a man in a turtleneck walked on screen, looked the camera dead in the eye and said, “Oh, didn’t see you there,” and then proceeded to teach us about photosynthesis or whatever.

The R.A.P. Soundstage: Best of the Rest – Part 1, Feature Productions & Commercials

Not only do we each year congratulate all the winners and runners-up of the RAP Awards, but we always acknowledge those that came very close to the finals with our “Best of the Rest”! This month, we shine the light on the Best of the Rest from the Feature Productions and Commercial categories. Next month it’s Imaging and Promos. Feature Productions are on tracks 1-7. Large Market Commercials are on tracks 8-11. Medium Market Commercials are on tracks 12-17, and Small Market Commercials are on tracks 18-27. Great work everyone, and we hope to see you again next year!

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