ECA 250 webTayler Shaindlin picks up the October Editor’s Choice Award with a well-done morning show promo, a parody on the Bruno Mars song “The Lazy Song”. It grabs your attention, entertains, has great lyric, and she’s even playing the ukulele on it! An excellent combination of creativity and vocal, production and musical skills. And considering she’s still a broadcasting student makes it even more impressive. Nice work, Tayler! I’m sure we’ll be hearing from your for years to come. Check the promo out here. Add your comments below.

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August 01, 1994 11877
Bob Holmcrans, Production Director, WPGC-FM, Washington, DC by Jerry Vigil The country's 8th largest market is where you'll find WPGC-FM, a true powerhouse radio station with numbers practically out of reach of the competition,...