by David Bannerman

Try to imagine how many producers Jerry Vigil has profiled over the years in this publication. I have to admit, I quizzed him about this recently and he did try, but even Jerry’s mind isn’t as sharp as a Seagate Hard-Drive. Here’s the mystery. I’m thinking that it may have been at least over a decade ago, RAP Mag featured an interview with a producer who I recall had just retired from Radio. He also had developed an incredible skillset and reputation for editing speech. No, I don’t mean typical Radio production editing, the kind we’re all accustomed to. He was a master of what some would call forensic vocal editing. I’m talking about the kind of edits that would allow a producer to understand and develop the amazing skills required in removing and/or replacing letters as in changing vowels and consonants in almost any word. Now it seems to me, and I may be wrong, but I believe this producer resided in the American Northeast. And I don’t know why I recall, but if I’m correct, he may have lived in upstate New York or within that region of the northeast. Jerry’s article at the time was one of the most interesting production articles I had read in years. Why the search? Because I want to allow my students to witness these rare talents and skills that this unique producer had developed.

Does anyone remember his profile, or even a year where it might have appeared in RAP? Or even better, does anyone know his name? I would really like to contact him on behalf of our Radio Television Arts class. Now that the technology is readily available, I want to locate him so that he might consider appearing before one of our production classes for my students. I’m sure it would be an audio editing class that they wouldn’t soon forget.

Any idea who this RAP Mag producer was, or do you remember the article? If so, please reply to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In the meantime, Jerry… maybe you should try some ginkgo biloba. I hear a daily dose of it does wonders for memory recall. 

Kind regards,

David Bannerman
Radio Faculty

Editor’s Two Cents: David did stump me with this one. I’m not convinced it was an article in RAP, but David thinks so. I’m now as curious as he is to find this RAP Mag producer! Oh, and the number of profiled pros is around 300. And I bought some organic green tea with ginkgo the other day, which I will start drinking… if I can remember where I put it.