ECA 250 webThis month’s Editor’s Choice Award goes to Luke McPeake at UKRD in Bristol, UK for a spot for a Christmas gift store. This may be the best Christmas commercial I’ve heard in years. Two things make this commercial very special. First is the fact that it’s three minutes long! (I wonder what that spot rate was… J) And secondly, it’s a wonderful holiday story, well-written, well-produced, and performed perfectly by a cast of VO talent that includes Helena Breck, Sarah Parnell, Julie-Ann Dean, Marc Silk, and Paul Brown. Luke was the producer of the piece, and the writing belongs to Mike Bersin. It’s almost not fair to call it a commercial, as it’s more a holiday feature with a sponsor tag at the end, and perhaps that’s how it is sold in various markets. Regardless, it’s a great idea that takes advantage of the rare occasions we get to use three minutes to be creative. Check out the spot here and add any comments you may have below!