Pound-250► An innovative proprietary technology platform called Pound 250, (#250) (www.pound-250.com) eliminates the need for consumers’ to have to remember an advertisers phone number. This is singularly the biggest obstacle in consumer conversion and/or sales success for mass-market advertisers, particularly radio and television advertisers. This obstacle is now eliminated and replaced by “voice activated keyword” technology that allows advertisers to simply use their company name, product or service as their phone number. By Dialing #250 on a cell phone and saying a “keyword,” or “keyword phrase,” the consumer is instantly connected to the advertiser’s office or call center. Moreover, this new mobile-marketing direct-response technology platform also instantly captures the consumer’s cellphone number (ideal for “call backs” later, and sms/text marketing later). The consumer receives a text/sms message that can include a link to a web site, splash page or even coupons, and a voice mail message can be instantly delivered at the time of the consumer call. “It’s like Google Ad words or PPC for internet advertisers, but now it’s used in mass-media for mobile marketing,” says Jeff Mustard, whose company offers the proprietary technology. A personal injury law firm might use the keyword “personal injury lawyer,” an insurance company might use the keyword “Auto Insurance” and a dentist might use the keyword “great smile.” Now, instead of a hard-to-remember phone number in an ad, an advertiser’s call to action goes like this: “dial #250 on your cell phone and say “insert the advertisers” keyword or phrase” and you’ll instantly receive a text to your phone with a link to our website and be directed to our office.” The consumer then has the advertisers’ info on their phone, they can visit the website later when it’s safer and/or more convenient to call, and the advertiser has the consumer contact info. The technology is currently being utilized by both local and national clients. For more info visit www.Pound-250.com.

Perception P220► Harman’s AKG is adding five new models to its Project Studio line of microphones. The new models are designed for enthusiasts and professionals alike, meeting the needs of makeshift project studios as well as professional environments. The new Project Studio line of microphones are both high-quality and affordable. The new additions include: the P120 general purpose recording microphone; the P170 general purpose instrument microphone; the P220 large-diaphragm true condenser microphone; the P420 large-diaphragm dual-capsule true condenser microphone; and the P820 dual-capsule tube microphone. The P120 is a 2/3-inch diaphragm true condenser microphone that offers durability, outstanding performance and excellent value. The low-mass diaphragm delivers a clear sound with accurate sonic detail for vocals, speech and instrument recording in project studios and for home recording. The P170 is a small-diaphragm condenser microphone for recording of overheads, percussions, acoustic guitars and other strings. The P170 is considered an affordable alternative to the AKG C451 B. The P220 is a large-diaphragm true condenser microphone offering a warm and clear sound for lead vocals, acoustic guitar and brass instruments. A switchable bass-cut filter and attenuation pad make it perfectly suited for use on loud sound sources with sound pressure levels up to 155dB SPL. It comes complete with a spider-type shock mount in an aluminum carrying case. The P420 is a multi-pattern large diaphragm true condenser microphone for demanding project studio recording applications. Offering high sensitivity and 155dB maximum SPL, the P420 delivers a warm, transparent sound quality perfectly suited for ensemble recording, grand piano, woodwind and brass instruments, as well as drums and percussion. The P820 Tube high-performance multi-pattern tube microphone is an excellent tool for highlighting lead vocals, brass instruments, electric guitars and drums. www.akg.com.

Voxengo-EBusLimVoxengo announced the release of EBusLim, a brickwall peak limiter and loudness maximization plug-in for professional music production applications, available in AudioUnit, VST and VST3 plug-in formats (including native 64-bit support), for Mac OS X (v10.5 and later), and Windows computers. EBusLim implements a single EL-4-based limiter mode originally designed in Elephant mastering limiter plug-in. This mode is suitable for bus, drum bus, master bus and track processing. The design idea behind EBusLim is to produce an extremely easy-to-use yet effective limiter. Since EBusLim only features a single processing mode the processing latency was reduced down to 0.5 milliseconds permitting the use of this limiter as master bus overload protector for both stereo and multi-channel applications.  EBusLim features: Elephant-quality limiter mode; Extreme ease of use; Stereo and multi-channel processing; 64-bit floating point processing; All sample rates support; 0.5 ms compensated processing latency. www.voxengo.com. ►


  • The R.A.P. Cassette - June 1995

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