Interview: Piers Gibbon, TV Presenter/Host, Conference Host/Moderator, Voiceover Artist, London, England

by Jerry Vigil

If you’re a fan of National Geographic TV, you are probably very familiar with Piers Gibbon’s work in front of the camera, but you may not know about his work behind the microphone. When he’s not hanging out with cannibals and witch doctors, Piers is working steadily in voiceover and has a knack for the technical side of the biz as well. Piers appeared on our radar when he joined RAP’s new Facebook Group (facebook.com/groups/radioprodgroup), and a quick visit to his site left no doubt he’d be an interesting chap to talk to. Indeed, he was. We talk VO, codecs, mics, chicken hearts and more in this month’s interview. Check out the RAP CD for a couple of demos from Piers.

Production 212: Gravity Makes It Go SPLAT!

by Dave Foxx

I got a very concerning email a few weeks ago from a friend in Canada who was just about to give up on this screwy business. Her radio station recently changed hands and the new owners made some changes. No… made a LOT of changes, and some of them were really major. This kind of event can really mess up your universe. I know, as I’m sure many of you know, that a big upset in the workplace can really distort your perspective on life. I am certain she wrote hoping that I would help her regain the long view and stop her death spiral into depression.

Kill Wimpy Copy!

by John Pellegrini

Two opening lines from actual commercials: 1. “You’ve been thinking about it and thinking about it. This might be the year you buy your new Acura from…” 2. “I love my new Chevy.” Which opening line makes you want to punch the writer in the face? The quickest way to turn off a listener is to beat around the bush. The quickest way to lose an audience is to waste time. Producing commercials or promos, or imaging statements with lines that don’t come to an immediate point, that have no direct action, is worthless.

Radio Hed: Breaking Writer’s Block with Headlines and End Lines

by Jeffrey Hedquist

Here’s a way to break writer’s block when you have an idea for a commercial but don’t know where to go next...

Linux in the Studio

by Gord Williams

Does Linux operate in the studio to the level that’s required for most professionals? The answer is yes. There are many professionals using Linux around the world in their studio.

Five MORE Things Radio People Say That Are Hilariously WRONG!

by Jim Van Dusen

This was so fun when the first list ran, it needed to be done again! Thanks to all who e-mailed in with ideas, including number five....

...and more!

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