R.A.P. Interview: Rob Naughton, Rob Naughton Voiceovers, Edwardsville, IL

Rob-Naughton color whiteby Jerry Vigil

When we last checked in with Rob over 15 years ago, he was taking care of commercials at KSHE in St. Louis, working alongside Ed Brown who at the time was handling the imaging. Rob eventually took over imaging at KSHE where he stayed for many years before exiting to take on his growing VO business full-time. Now three years on his own, one look at his client list, and one listen to his demo, and it’s safe to conclude Rob is doing very well and will continue to do so. From radio imaging to full-time VO, that’s what we talk about in this info-packed interview that’s a must read for anyone looking to make the same transition. Rob hooked us up with a special demo, which we feature on this month’s RAP CD. Be sure to check it out!

Production 212: Exercising Your Creative Muscle

by Dave Foxx

I came across a quote the other day that reached up off the page and slapped me in the face: "You can’t use up. CREATIVITY. The more you use, the more you have." That blindingly simple statement from American Presidential Medal of Freedom winner, autobiographer and poet, Maya Angelou, stopped my heart for seconds as I took in all the meaning.

Three Guaranteed Effective Commercial Copywriting Hacks

by Tim Burt

As the Production Director for two massive FM radio stations in a large market, I’ve written, recorded, and produced thousands upon thousands of pieces of commercial copy. I also help businesses world-wide with their marketing in virtually every platform (radio/television/direct mail, web, etc.). What I’ll share with you today are tips to make those scripts that make you groan, grit your teeth in anger, or laugh hysterically (because they’re just plain awful), better. Immediately. As in, before you turn on your microphone. 

Technology: Build a Website on Your Computer - Part 1

by Steve Cunningham

Since summer is nearly upon us (we’re in the second day of 100+ degrees as I write this in sweltering LA), it occurs to me that it may be the ideal time to embark upon a learning project that more than a few production geeks and voice actors have said they would like to try -- namely, how to cut their $(^#* webmaster loose once and for all. It’s not a tough task to set up a web server on your own computer, where you can exercise your need to just do it yourself, and then once it’s right, upload it to a production server or a new hosting plan. Let’s roll up our sleeves, and see exactly how it’s done using WordPress.

The Local Myth

By Michael R. Lee, Ph.D.

With all the others being discarded, radio clings to one myth with the tenacity of a mouse going after the last piece of cheese on earth. God might not be able to save the Queen, but being “local” will surely do that for radio.You hear it from sales and from programming and it is the favorite mantra of top management executives. Other media are not local. We are. It’s what listeners and advertisers crave, and we have it. There are so many holes in that fairy tale, who knows where to start?

Radio Hed: Pull the Radio Listener Along

by Jeffrey Hedquist

In my live seminars I sometimes have participants do a push/pull exercise to demonstrate how much more effective it is to pull (invite, cajole, seduce, welcome, ask, tempt, suggest, attract, lure) than to push (order, force, drive, nudge, poke, spur, prod, demand, browbeat) someone along. An effective story commercial pulls the listener along.

“...And Make It Real Creative!”: Get Over Yourself

by Trent Rentsch

I am not a poster child for physical fitness. It is true that, after a blood pressure scare a couple of years ago, I did manage to drop some pounds and still manage to get to the gym a few times a week to sweat and grunt while lifting things and putting them back down. Sure, I might be in better shape than I was, but I don’t fool myself; I won’t be mistaken for Arnold Schwarzenegger. His Great Uncle Hans, maybe, but…

The Monday Morning Memo: On What Will You Shine Your Spotlight of Words?

by Roy H. Williams

A radio commercial begins, “I’m Ronald Watersdown, and I’m here to tell you about a very important opportunity that I’m sure you won’t want to miss. It’s an incredible chance for you to...”
What did those twenty-nine words make you see in your mind? Not much, right? But what about these? “Owl was neither wise nor old. She was a teenage assassin whose large, dark eyes said she was sleepy or depressed or bored. I was never really sure which.”

...and more!

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