VOPshield► From the folks who own and manage VoiceHunter.com and VOCareer.com comes  an entirely new voiceover kid on the block, VOPrep.com. VOPrep.com is the first and only voiceover company completely committed to making sure neophytes can begin their voiceover career without getting ripped off. “There are far too many voiceover ‘schools’ that charge inflated fees for very sub-standard education. Students are warehoused thru these programs at a rapid pace without the due diligence required to make them successful. VOPrep.com will ensure students are well prepared and have all the needed skills and tools to be successful in the industry.” said CEO Adam Goodman. “We’ve created VOPrep.com to help would-be beginners get an honest look at what it takes to do this professionally via a variety of FREE resources before they spend a dime on training or classes. We want them to understand the hard work, dedication and investment needed to be a success in voiceovers BEFORE they make any investment what-so-ever.” added Dean of Students, Gabrielle Nistico. The company also strives to be a referral in kind for those in the industry who find there is no place to assist aspiring voice talent to go to, Nistico explains; “Voiceover professionals and voiceover clients are bombarded with questions from beginners on how to get started. Many don’t have a place to send them for quality advice on how to enter this field. We hope that the industry will see VOPrep.com’s ‘Step 1: free resources’ as the perfect place to send these inquiring individuals.” While VOPrep is designed for the true beginner, the site advances performers straight to step 3 with pre-qualification skills and knowledge already developed. These are performers who have tried to get a career started but continue to find advancement is not happening. www.voprep.com.

Beds--Beats-Stricly-LIghtBeds and Beats, one of the UK’s leading radio and TV production music libraries, is proud to have reached the impressive milestone of 70 albums. The 70th album is delivered by a writing duo that take media production music to the next level. “Strictly Light Entertainment” from Beds and Beats is exactly as it suggests - from dance offs and TV quiz shows, to light hearted Saturday night TV. Written by renowned writers Dan McGrath and Josh Phillips, known for TV themes. The tracks mix contemporary recording techniques with the legendary brass playing talents of Johnny Thirkell, Nigel Hitchcock, Neil Sidwell and Simon Gardner. Strictly Light Entertainment is online now and vailable to download from www.bedsandbeats.com. ▲