RAP-CD-logo-2 Welcome to the November 2013 R.A.P. CD! First up is this month's Editor's Choice Award winner, a series of bits for Halloween from Daniel Shandroski at Native Communications in Winnipeg – entertaining, short, perfect! Next up is an awesome montage of material from this month's interview subject, Colin McGinness at UKRD. Track 3 is audio for Dave Foxx's Production 212 column. Promos are on tracks 4 through 12. Commercials are on tracks 13 through 19. Track 13 from Chris Diestler is a series of 5 well-done spots for a campaign he did for a restaurant. Track 19 is from Jay Rose, which he sent after we received his input on last month's Sound Design Q It Up question. Jay adds these notes about the spot: "...a :60 I wrote and produced for The Boston Globe, in 1971, when I was in my lowly way trying to emulate Tony's mnemonic overlapping technique? (Produced on an Ampex 960 home deck and a Revox A77...) (Voiced by KDKA's Joel Zelle, who was a year behind me at Emerson so I recorded him in a classroom...) Four generations down with 7.5 ips half-track mono. Joel's voice was captured on a Uher Report portable with a Sony ECM-something electret mic. 15 ips, multitrack, and Nagra all had to wait a few years until my biz could afford them..." And track 20 is an awesome piece from Dave Cockram, interviewed in the September issue, showing off some of his skills with this amazing mashup of two songs from Jack White and Serena Ryder – some of the fun he's having at his new gig at Indie88. Crank it!

1. ►ECA Winner: Zombies With Jobs, Daniel Shandroski, Native Communications, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, daniel.shandroski[at]gmail.com
2. UKRD Production Montage, Colin McGinness, UKRD, Bristol, United Kingdom, colin.mcginness[at]ukrd.com
3. Production 212 audio, Dave Foxx, Z100, New York, USA, davefoxx[at]clearchannel.com
4. Zombie Walk Promo, Andrew Leung, Rogers Media, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, andrew.leung[at]ottawaradio.rogers.com
5. Kiss 92.5's Wham Bam 2013 Announcement Promo, Ron Tarrant, Kiss 92.5, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, ron.tarrant[at]rci.rogers.com
6. Big Bag of Cash – Pre-Promo, Ryan Spooner/Stephen Ball, Rock 105.3, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, ryan.spooner[at]rci.rogers.com
7. Wolf Zombie Paintball, Russ More/Carla Johnson, 106.9 The Wolf/Island Radio, Nanaimo, BC, rmore[at]islandradio.bc.ca
8. Rock 94 Music Positioner, Scott Chasty, Rock 94, Thunder Bay, ON, Canada, schasty[at]dougallmedia.com
9. Bear Halloween Howler Launch, Gary McClenaghan, Bell Media, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, gary.mcclenaghan[at]bellmedia.ca
10. Kiss Music Promo – Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Jay Z, Jamie Montgomery, 105.3 Kiss FM, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Jamie.montgomery[at]ottawaradio.rogers.com
11. New Rock Promo, Jeff McKnight, RTBN Radio Broadcasting/SAIT, jeffrey.mcknight[at]edu.sait.ca
12. NRJ Extravadance mix-show promo, Heikki Wichmann, NRJ, Helsinki, Finland, heikki.wichmann[at]nrj.fi
13. Tecolote Café (5 x :30), Chris Diestler, Hutton Broadcasting, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, chrisd[at]santafe.com
14. Swirlz – Frozen Yogurt, Jack Phillips, Main Line Broadcasting, Louisville, Kentucky, USA, jphillips[at]mainlinelouisville.com
15. Gemini Motors, Deborah Hopkins, 105.3 KOOL-FM / 99.5 KFUN, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, deborah.hopkins[at]bellmedia.ca
16. Forty Mile Gas Co-Op – Phonecall, Ryan Spooner/Stephen Ball, Rock 105.3, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, ryan.spooner[at]rci.rogers.com
17. Regal Interiors, Langley Gerrard, UKRD Group, Bristol, United Kingdom, langley.gerrard[at]ukrd.com
18. Advantage Vacuums, Matt Fogarty, Island Radio, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, mfogarty[at]islandradio.bc.ca
19. Globe Market Millions, Jay Rose, www.dplay.com, jay[at]dplay.com
20. Indie 88 – Jack White vs. Serena Ryder, Dave Cockram, Indie88, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, dave[at]indie88.com