by Steve Cunningham

As this column has recently noted, voice actors seem to have taken to the Macintosh platform of late, particularly the still-sleek MacBook (formerly known as the MacBook Pro). Recently the menu of available stereo editors for the Mac has increased, and this one has been of particular interest to those actors who have either made the switch from Windows to the Mac OSX or are considering it (my good friend Blaine notwithstanding).

As you may know, Sony has recently introduced its venerable Sound Forge program on the Macintosh platform. Those of us who’ve used Forge since the Sonic Foundry days have waited a long time for Forge’s quick and intuitive interface that stayed out of our way. We know it, we like it, and frankly we don’t want it changed much. Sony tells us that this is not just a “ported” version of the Windows program; the company says that Sound Forge Pro Mac has been built from scratch for the Macintosh platform. As a result, the version 1.0 Mac version resembles Sound Forge Pro 10 for Windows, but the two are more cousins than siblings as we shall see.


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