RAP-CD-logo-2Welcome to the April 2013 RAP CD as we present the 23rd Annual RAP Awards Best of the Rest Part 1. This month we feature Commercials, with Small Market Commercials on tracks 1 through 10, Medium Market Commercials on tracks 11 through 16, and Large Market Commercials on tracks 17 through 21. These entries came very close to making it to the finals, some missing it by one vote! Hats off to all for work well done! (Note: The name listed next to the entry title is the name of the individual submitting the entry. In most cases, this person is the entry's producer, copywriter, or voice talent, or any combination thereof. In cases where the person submitting the entry was not listed in the credits, we have substituted the producer's name.)

We wrap it up with audio from Dave Foxx for this month's Production 212 column. Next month it's the 23rd Annual Radio And Production Awards Best of the Rest Part 2 – Feature Productions and Promos! 

1. GW Ride Connect, Bill Carroll, Centennial Broadcasting, Fredericksburg, Virginia, bill[at]wbqb.com
2. Vinny's Italian Grill/Feed You Like Family, Bill Carroll, Centennial Broadcasting, Fredericksburg, Virginia, bill[at]wbqb.com
3. Dan's Auto Body/Wild Kingdom, Andy Berkowitz, Forever Broadcasting, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, andyberkowitz[at]yahoo.com
4. CPR Outdoor, Andy MacLeod, Southern Cross Austereo, Bunbury, Western Australia, andy.macleod[at]sca.com.au
5. Hemp Heaven/Gnarly Gates, J. Calnan, Newcap Radio, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, jcalnan[at]newcap.ca
6. Hot Tub Express/History Of The Hot Tub, Scott Chasty, CJSD, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, schasty[at]dougallmedia.com
7. Crocks/Branding Commercial, Dougall Media, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, tgobeil[at]dougallmedia.com
8. Chocolate Withdrawal, Ryan Leininger, Rogers Broadcasting, Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, Ryan.Leininger[at]rci.rogers.com
9. Regional District/Uninvited Guests, Dot McInnis, Power 104/Q103, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, dot[at]power104.com
10. MMmmm/Irving Bullbars, Tamara Heinjus, Southern Cross Austereo, Bunbury, Western Australia, tamara.heinjus[at]sca.com.au
11. Sales Recruitment, Colin McGinness, UKRD, Bristol, United Kingdom, colinmcginness[at]ukrd.com
12. The Aviary/Birdcage, Aussie Moore, Southern Cross Austereo, Perth, Western Australia, Aussie.moore[at]sca.com.au
13. Recycle My Electronics, Jim Van Dusen, Astral Radio, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, jvandusen[at]astral.com
14. The Hampstead Hotel, John Curran, DMG Radio, Adelaide, South Australia, jcurran[at]dmgradio.com.au
15. Identity Theft/Green Team, Darren Russell, DMG Radio, Adelaide, South Australia, drussell[at]dmgradio.com.au
16. National Tooth Fairy Association, Jeff Mustard, www.TheBambooAgency.com, Delray Beach, Florida, Jeff[at]thebambooagency.com
17. The Legend Continues 10's, Warren Cargill, Astral Radio, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, abeers[at]astral.com
18. Wendy's/Son of Baconator, Azeem Haq, Evanov Radio Group/Energy 106, Toronto, Canada, azeem[at]z1035.com
19. Triple Xmas, Robin Egerton, Astral Radio, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, abeers[at]astral.com
20. Shocker, Shelly Zavitz, Astral Media, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, szavitz[at]astral.com
21. Big One, Tony Lee, Hubbard Broadcasting/1500 ESPN, St. Paul, Minnesota, tlee[at]hbi.com
22. Production 212 Audio, Dave Foxx, Z100, New York, NY, davefoxx[at]clearchannel.com


February 01, 2005 8898
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