RAP-CD-logo-2Welcome to the November 2012 R.A.P. CD! We kick things off with this month's Editor's Choice Award winner, a station launch from Brian Whitaker. One of the first questions I asked him about this one was, "How many times did it air?" You guessed... only once. It deserved several more plays, so we're giving some airtime on the R.A.P. CD. Audio from Dennis Daniel, this month's interview subject, is on track 2. It kicks off with a short Character VO demo and is followed up with some jingle work, which Dennis wrote and sang on, a spoof on spaghetti westerns, and the Gateway Kia spot Dennis mentions in the interview. Next up on track 3 is audio for Dave Foxx's Production 212 column. Commercials are on tracks 4-12, including a well done spot on track 8 from Richard Stroobant's new crop of 2nd year students at SAIT. Richard reports, this was one of the 1st things they did this year. Promos are on tracks 13-16, and we wrap things up with an extraordinary spoof from Lee Rugen on track 17, and some fun from Nick Tozzi on track 18 -- his parody promo for the new ABC show, "Nashville".

1. ♦ WNRG Sign On 2012, Brian Whitaker, Saga Communications, Des Moines/Milwaukee, bwhitaker[at]desmoinesradiogroup.com
2. Dennis Daniel Audio, Walter F. Cameron Advertising, New York, ddaniel[at]cameronadv.com
3. Production 212 audio, Dave Foxx, Z100, New York, NY, davefoxx[at]clearchannel.com
4. St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church - Steve Thompson, 105.3 KOOL-FM / 99.5 KFUN, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, steve.thompson[at]bellmedia.ca
5. DLC Arrowsmith/Rabinder Dhillon, Matt Fogarty/Russ More, Island Radio/Jim Pattison Broadcast Group, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, mfogarty[at]islandradio.bc.ca
6. Shock House/News, Gary McClenaghan, 620 CKRM/My 92.1/104.9 The Wolf, Regina, Sask., Canada, garym[at]harvardbroadcasting.com
7. Kemble Mountain Roastery/Dried Leaves Burned Beans, Andrew Frame, BAF Soundworks, Lehigh Acres, Florida, andrew[at]bafsoundworks.com
8. Oak & Vine, Richard Stroobant, SAIT, Stroobant[at]hotmail.com
9. KW Habilitation, Deborah Hopkins, 105.3 KOOL-FM / 99.5 KFUN, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, deborah.hopkins[at]bellmedia.ca
10. Burnley Pupil Parliament, Colin McGinness, UKRD, United Kingdom, colin.mcginness[at]ukrd.com
11. Skipton Auction, Sean Bell, New Yorkshire, United Kingdom, sean[at]sounds-good.biz
12. Heads Auto Repair/Not Funny, Robin J. Egerton, CKLM-FM, Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada, robin[at]borderrock.com
13. Chills for CHEO, Andrew Leung, Rogers Media, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, andrew.leung[at]ottawaradio.rogers.com
14. Beat the Bank/Fall Giveaway, Ron Tarrant, 917 The Bounce, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, pureproduction[at]live.ca
15. Star NE/Soundcheck, Adam Venton, UKRD Group, Bristol, United Kingdom, adam.venton[at]ukrd.com
16. Eagle/Snow Promo, Colin McGinness, UKRD Group, Bristol, United Kingdom, adam.venton[at]ukrd.com
17. Sedation Christianity, Lee Rugen, Moody Radio Network, Chicago, Illinois, lee.rugen[at]moody.edu
18. Nothing New in Nashville, Nick Tozzi, nicktozzi[at]hotmail.com

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