PR-Tascam CD200iTascam launched the CD-200i, a professional, rackmountable CD player with built-in dock for Apple’s iPod®. Based on Tascam’s CD-200, a CD Player based around TEAC’s CD-5020A transport, the CD-200i also plays back audio CDs, MP3 files and even WAV files from CD media. A slide-out tray allows connection of Apple’s iPod music player. The iPod can be controlled from the CD-200i’s transport buttons or wireless remote, and audio and video plays from the unbalanced output and video outputs on the rear panel. The Tascam CD-200i can be mounted in two rack spaces for installations, studio playback and live sound reinforcement. It has unbalanced RCA outputs, optical and coaxial digital outputs on the rear panel. Other features include: CD Text and ID3 tag support; Continue, Random and Program play modes; Index Search; Shock/skip prevention memory buffer; ±12% pitch control (analog outputs only); 1/4” stereo headphone output; Wireless 55-key remote control. PR-Tascam VLM3Tascam also released the VL-M3, a new pair of affordable stereo monitors for home recording, computer use and mixing. The stereo pair feature 3” drivers with a front-mounted bass port and built-in 24W stereo power amplifier. In addition to being an affordable solution for beginners and musicians on a budget, the VL-M3 monitors provide a “real-world” reference for music and post playback. With an estimated street price of $99, the VL-M3 comes with a front-mounted bass port, stereo unbalanced RCA inputs, and a black wood-grain appearance.

Voxengo released TransGainer, an audio plug-in suitable for a wide range of professional music production uses. TransGainer implements an audio signal envelope adjustment algorithm that reacts on transients rather than on a signal’s loudness level. This algorithm allows you to adjust volume of attack and sustain stages of any sounds you use it on. TransGainer was designed in a way to be suitable for all possible sound sources – be it individual tracks or full mixes. TransGainer can be used in place of gate and expander plug-ins while delivering a better sound and offering an easier control. TransGainer can be used for audio recording restoration/re-mastering purposes and reverb tail modifications with excellent results. TransGainer allows you to specify gain adjustments for sound’s transient and sustain stages separately. You can also choose an expected average time between transients so that algorithm delivers you the most precise results possible.

PR-FL-Studio-9Image Line Software announces the release of FL Studio 9 Audio Production Suite. The newest version of the popular audio production software includes the unique FL native plugin architecture, new integrated synthesizers and effects and more added value for the users. The digital audio workstation, previously known as FruityLoops, includes 25 software instruments covering acoustic/synthetic bass, electric guitar and plucked string simulation, sampler tools including piano, general sample playback, beatslicing, and a range of synthesis techniques (subtractive, modeling, FM, granular and additive). The new version of the product can record up to 99 simultaneous tracks of audio through the updated 105 channel mixer. The Playlist workspace can contain an unlimited number of audio tracks and allows the user to arrange discrete audio events in any order or position the creative process dictates with complete flexibility. Audio tools enable time-stretching, pitch-shifting, beatslicing, chopping, edits and creative destruction of audio. FL Studio Editions and prices range from FL Studio Express Edition (49 USD, download only) to the FL Studio Signature Edition (299 USD download / 399 USD boxed).

Mackie’s new HD Powered Subwoofers are the perfect complement to the highly successful HD Series High-Definition Powered Loudspeakers. The HD1501 and HD1801 subs offer many of the same benefits as the full-range models, including Class-D Fast-Recovery™ amplifier technology, delivering up to 1600W of peak power, as well as efficient, cool running, switch-mode power supplies. The HD1501 and HD1801 benefit from 15-inch and 18-inch high-output woofers respectively, as well as Mackie’s Active processing. The HD1501 will have a U.S. MSRP of $1,099.99. The HD1801 will have a U.S. MSRP of $1,399.99.

Barix AG, a pioneer in IP-based audio, intercom, control, and monitoring, introduced its solution for local ad insertion. Developed in partnership with StreamGuys and MOH Technologies AG, the solution provides radio networks with an effective toolset to deliver syndicated programming with individual advertisements, promos, jingles, station IDs and other content to local affiliates. Barix first introduced the solution to the retail industry about 18 months ago, where chain stores are using the system to deliver targeted in-store ads and messages to specific branches and/or departments. The solution has been optimized for very low latency and further simplified for the radio industry, allowing broadcasters to trigger local content for affiliates during specific ad slots via a simple web browser. The new, updated version of MOH Technologies’ Adiosys server-based middleware now uses Barix’ unique BRTP real-time streaming technology to minimize latency for local broadcasters — as low as 200-500 milliseconds end to end over a standard ADSL connection. The complete solution has very minimal hardware requirements. A single, low-cost Barix Exstreamer 100 device is required at each affiliate to receive and decode the (high-quality) individualized stream, which can then be further processed or directly broadcast via terrestrial or cable systems.  StreamGuys, a streaming media and content delivery network, hosts the Adiosys middleware and designed the simple user interface to upload, manage and schedule ads and other content. Networks or affiliates can upload files and assign destination sites using simple, standard pull down menus. For the absolute lowest latency, a Barix Instreamer real-time audio encoder is recommended at the source, but any solution providing an RTP stream as per specification will work.,

PR-NEUMANN-DMI-8Neumann recently introduce the DMI-8,an eight-channel version of the popular DMI-2 digital microphone interface, which provides remote digital microphone control and conversion from AES 42 to AES/EBU. The DMI-8 also adds new features to the digital microphone interface concept, including computer-free gain adjustment, multi-unit cascading up to 128 channels, and a variety of industry-standard multi-channel output formats. Like the Neumann DMI-2, the DMI-8 delivers multiple-microphone synchronization even without a sample rate converter; automatic Word Clock or AES 11 synchronization; sample rate output from 44.1 to 192 kHz; and unparalleled control and storage of digital microphone settings from either a Mac or a PC using Neumann’s intuitive RCS software. In addition, up to 128 digital microphones can be simultaneously controlled from cascaded DMI-8s or DMI-2s. By popular request, the DMI-8 allows users to view signal and adjust gain right at the unit, even with no computer connected. External commands, such as an “On Air” red light indicator, can be controlled via a nine-pin user port. Output formats are ADAT optical and D-sub 25 with Tascam and Yamaha pin assignments. In addition, open architecture will allow later connection to other multi-channel interfaces and audio networks, such as EtherSound and MADI. MSRP: $3,498. ►


► New releases from Firstcom include: AM062 Grind (online only) - real live rock bands grinding out promo segments for sports, speed, back stories and bars; evo127 Fresh Communique’ 2 - a playlist of soundtracks for hi-tech adventures, motoring, friendly product launches and deep research; evo134 South Africa - new global music hybrids featuring the sounds of South Africa, Township styles, African jazz, dance and pop from traditional to current; evo136 Winter Sports - music for winter games and competition, extreme to traditional depicting snow, ice, speed and power; evo137 Modern Minimal: Easy Access - A collection of breezy tools designed to sell a simple message. The primary selling point for all the new gadgets that we can’t live without is that they are easier to use and they make our life smoother and less complicated. Audition all new releases online. Firstcom also announces Digital Delivery. Beginning January 2010 all new releases from FirstCom Music will be available via digital delivery only. “Digital music is far more convenient and flexible,” says Carol Riffert, Vice President/General Manager. “We want to make it as easy as possible for our clients to access our newest releases when and where they need it. Ultimately, digital access means more music options and more creative freedom.” Clients will be able to download music from their virtual library at or they can request new music delivery via hard drive. You can keep the discs you currently have per the terms of your licensing agreement. Those who are ready to embrace the future and clear out some studio space are welcome to return their discs now. Simply contact your sales executive to sign up for downloading privileges or to get details about our networkable hard drive solution.

PR-Uberblend-BOOMüberblend radio branding launches a new CHR imaging package called !BOOM. Michael Stuber, founder of überblend explains the genesis of !BOOM: “for years, I’ve been thinking there’s something missing with CHR imaging. It’s been too noisy, too cluttered and too focused on blaring station slogans and promotions at the listeners. I wanted to create an imaging sound that doesn’t draw attention to itself, but instead becomes part of the entertainment value of the station” !BOOM elements offer a high-energy-hip-hop-meets-electronic sound, mirroring the current evolution of pop music. Stuber continues, “our goal is to have the station imaging pieces be indistinguishable from the songs. If we can come out of a popular song with an imaging piece that’s equally exciting and relevant, we will see an increase in TSL.” The !BOOM imaging package is available now from überblend radio branding at

Blastwave FX, the HD sound effects label, released Starter FX Sound Effects, a new download pack of stereo MP3 files with 500 sounds spanning categories from Ambiences to Whooshes. Other categories include: Animals, Beds, Cartoon Effects, Drones, Emergency Effects, Foley Footsteps, Household, Lasers, Office Effects, Science Fiction, Sports, Technology, Warfare and Weather.

Killer Tracks new releases include: KT 222 New Orleans, a special-edition release that features original compositions and performances from the Crescent City’s finest, including GRAMMY® Award Winner Terrance Simien & The Zydeco Experience, Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk and Rebirth Brass Band among others. KT 221 Family Adventure Orchestra - orchestral compositions in the classic Hollywood movie score tradition. NYB 96 Positive Songwriter  - upbeat and mid-tempo acoustic grooves for the masses with fun, catchy and easy listening Acoustic Rock and relaxing full-band blends that highlight piano in addition to acoustic and electric guitars. ZTS 17 Gas Tank Orchestra - some of the most recognizable themes in Classical music remixed in off-the-wall and contemporary ways. Timeless themes mixed with Rock, Hip-Hop, Techno and more. Audition and download releases online at ►


Napoleon C. David II from Davao City, Philippines, a producer  at Monster Radio BT 99.5 in Davao City won Ryan Drean’s recent online production contest. Check out the winning audio at

vCreative, Inc. has rebranded their paperless production order system as vCreative™PPO. This move is accompanied by multiple enhancements to make non-broadcast creative tracking easier. The update allows efficient input and tracking of streaming audio, display ads and any sold web content. As with traditional broadcast production requests, multiple web element requests can be submitted simultaneously for the same client—and then assigned to staff and fully tracked. ▲

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