Production 212: You Wanna Go So Frikkin' Bad

by Dave Foxx

I've been keeping an ear on radio in South Africa for the last few years as they've emerged from all state sponsored radio to the commercial side. I've met several producers from Johannesburg and Durbin, gotten some swag (of course!) and even was invited to speak there at the South African version of the NAB conference. Unfortunately, aside from the nearly 24 hours it takes to fly there from New York (a prospect I find quite daunting), their conference always seems to coincide with my busiest time of the year, so we've just never been able to make the connection. In spite of that, they've kept my interest all along. I'm pleased to say they adapt very quickly and take great pains to push the envelope as much as they can. A lot of the production I've heard has been every bit as good, and in some cases a good deal better than what I hear in the US, Australia and Europe.

Q It Up: Tell Us a Story!

Well, you all heard my story of poker parties in the control room, now it's time to share some much better tales. To make room for all the stories we received, we have postponed some of our regular columns until next month. We have seventeen great stories here, and some great writers, too! Thank you all for taking time from your busy schedules to make this very special issue happen!

Q It Up: What's that one story you've told dozens of times? Think back. Is it the story about that one event in your career that really changed your professional path or taught you a great lesson? Maybe it's a story about one of the funniest times you've ever had in this business, or the scariest. Maybe it's about the biggest highlight of your career, meeting this person, or working with that one. Grab another cup of coffee (or your favorite holiday beverage), shut off your distractions, and tell us a story!

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Test Drive: News from the Frontlines of the DAW Wars

by Steve Cunningham

The DAW wars continue apace. Let's face it; folks in the production community have had an almost embarrassing wealth of choices when it comes to software multitrack recorders and editors, all battling one another for market share. Back in the day there were substantial differences between Pro Tools, Audition, and Vegas. But every year or so there's a new version that tempts current users to switch. At this point most of these programs have copied one another's features, so they all work pretty danged well. But every once in awhile, one of them does something really different, something that creates a buzz on the floor of a convention. This month is all about that.

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