by Steve Cunningham

Having recently checked in with two of our favorite Sony products, Vegas 8 and SoundForge 9, I thought it time that we check in on Sony’s Acid product, which has recently arrived at version 7. A percent-off email that showed up on Black Friday provided me with further encouragement to upgrade. Moreover, we haven’t checked in with Acid since version 3 way back in 2002, and the loop-based production tool has changed a great deal in six years.

For one, Acid has added full-blown audio recording and editing to its arsenal of looping tools. And like its sibling SoundForge and Vegas, Acid 7 now has a full-fledged mixing console interface. I’ve been a fan of Acid in the past for its ability to time-stretch and -shrink music files for concert promos, with few or no audio artifacts. Acid 7 does this job with even fewer artifacts than before thanks to its use of new algorithms from Germany-based Zplane Development.



October 01, 1998 7215
By Tom Richards “Have you tried ACID yet?” “Man, I’ve been on ACID for months now, and I’m never gonna stop!” Oh, to have been a fly on the wall of the marketing department at Sonic Foundry when they dreamed up their latest...