Stewart-ByarsFellow RAPster, Stewart Byars, lost his battle with cancer this past July. Stewart was featured in the RAP Interview, May 2005. Stewart became the first RAP Awards contestant to tie himself for first place in a category, taking home two trophies for Small Market Promo in the 2004 RAP Awards.

Longtime friend and co-worker, Misty Menees adds: “I would like for you to know that being featured in your magazine was one of the highlights of his career. His RAP Awards and article were even on display at his memorial yesterday. That article on him in 2004 led him to get many calls from larger markets. Eventually he left small town radio for a time and he worked for Clear Channel in Memphis for a year before returning back to NW Tennessee in 2006. He had battled cancer this past year. Thank you for recognizing someone with amazing talent in radio production. I worked with him for 12 years at WCMT/WCDZ/Thunderbolt Broadcasting in Martin, Tennessee and encouraged him to enter your awards back in 2004. He always thought it was great that he tied himself for first place in the Promo category that year. You can read the story about his passing at”

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