For those of you who’ve been playing along, this month’s RAP CD features the submissions we received this past month for our “Produce Dave Foxx!” feature. Dave supplied a voice track for a promo, and you got to produce it, any way you liked. This month, we get an interesting look at how different producers tackle the same task. This offers an unusual opportunity to more closely examine some of the various “styles” of production out there, enabling us to more precisely focus on exactly what it is we like or dislike about a particular approach, what we think “works” and doesn’t work, which hopefully will benefit us when we produce our next promo.

We’ve asked Dave Foxx to give these promos a good listen and offer his analysis of what he hears. Look forward to that next month! And the thought occurred… wouldn’t it be interesting to hear YOUR analysis too? So, feel free to submit your take on what you hear, or just your thoughts on the exercise in general. Email your comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by September 12.

If we get enough participation and good feedback to this exercise, we may make this a regular feature! Thanks to all who participated!

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