RAP-CD-logo-2Welcome to the June 2007 RAP CD! We're back to our regular format, and we get things started with a sampler of very creative work from this month's interview subject, John Pallarino and the Entercom Creative Services crew. Next up is audio for Dave Foxx's Production 212 article. We crank out the promos on tracks 3 through 14, and if track 14 sounds like Greek to you... it is! Commercials fill out tracks 15 through 24, and there's a healthy sampling of creative juices flowing here as well! We get 4 sweeper montages on the last four tracks of the CD. Nice work everyone, and thanks, as always, for your continued support of the RAP CD!

1. John Pallarino/Entercom Sampler – John Pallarino, Entercom Media, Greenville, South Carolina, jpallarino[at]entercom.com
2. Production 212 Audio – Dave Foxx, Z100, New York, NY, davefoxx[at]clearchannel.com
3. Arby's 5 for 5, Joel Moss, WEBN-FM, Cincinnati, Ohio, jmoss[at]webn.com
4. GRD Superbowl Promo, Jerry Tarrants, WGRD/WNWZ, Grand Rapids, Michigan, johnp[at]gogrand.com
5. Franzman Generic 30, Steve Franzman, Zimmer Radio, Joplin, Missouri, sfranzman[at]zrgmail.com
6. Hot 91's Diamond Heist, Vaughn Jones, Hot 91, Sunshine Coast, Australia, production[at]hot91.com.au
7. Touch FM Sales Promo, Sean Bell, NYPD, New Yorkshire, United Kingdom, seanbell[at]nypd.uk.com
8. Jack Ingram Winning Weekend, Chris Potter, ABC Radio Networks/Country Coast to Coast, Chris.M.Potter[at]abc.com
9. Take That Annoucement, Ian Fish, 100.7 Heart FM, The Midlands, United Kingdom, ian.fish[at]chrysalis.com
10. Guys Be Guys, Rich Boerner, KLSX, Los Angeles, California, rboerner[at]cbs.com
11. Enterprise Disaster, Eric Nichols, Studio 197, Bloomington, Illinois, enichols[at]studio197.com
12. Feb 2007 Ratings Promo, Brendan O Driscoll, Corks 96 & 103FM, Ireland, bodriscoll[at]96fm.ie
13. Birthday Bucks, Jon Carter/Jym Geraci, Megahertz Studios, Greensboro, North Carolina, jc[at]megahertzstudios.com
14. Rockmash (Greek), Sakis Korovessis, Star FM, Thessalonika, Greece, sakiskoro[at]starfm.gr
15. Shogun Fight School, CJ Goodearl, Clear Channel, Orlando, Florida, cjgoodearl[at]clearchannel.com
16. Crabbys Chatters, Jerry Long, Zimmer Radio, Joplin, Missouri, jerryl[at]zrgmail.com
17. Trader Publications/Tomorrow, Jim Van Dusen, Standard Radio, Manitoba, Canada, jim.vandusen[at]hotqx.com
18. Bargain Bob's Carpet Outlet, Andrew Frame, BAFSoundworks, Lehigh Acres, Florida, andrew[at]bafsoundworks.com
19. Buck Creek Pizza, Gary Lee Michaels, WASK/WKOA, Lafayette, Indiana, michaels[at]wask.com
20. Wavely Chrysler Campaign #1 2x:30, Gerhard Peters, gerhardp[at]accesscom.ca
21. Big Fat Rooster, Steve Stone, Zimmer Radio, Joplin, Missouri, sstone[at]zrgmail.com
22. Success College/Success Back, Jesse Attfield, Z103.5, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, jesse[at]z103halifax.com
23. Team Chevrolet/Honest, Jim McCarthy, www.cnotespots.com, yourvoicer[at]cnotespots.com
24. Conastoga Mall, Deborah Hopkins, Kool-FM, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, dhopkins[at]koolfm.com
25. Jack FM Imaging Sampler #1, Johnny George, Formerly at Susquehanna, Indianapolis, Indiana, radio[at]johnnygeorge.com
26. Murphy in the Morning Jingles, Jon Carter, Megahertz Studios, Greensboro, North Carolina, jc[at]megahertzstudios.com
27. ZM Sweepers, Chris Nicoll, ZM, Auckland, New Zealand, wizz[at]zmonline.com
28. 96.9 Jack FM Imaging Montage, Dave Cockram, Rogers Radio, Vancouver, BC, Canada, dave.cockram[at]vancouverradio.rogers.com

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