RAP-CD-logo-2Welcome to the January 2007 RAP CD! We get started with the voice demo from this month's interview subject, voice-over maven and coach, Joan Baker. We get some great commercial work on tracks 2 through 11. Track 6 is from Glenn Cook in the little town of Newberry, MI, who takes on the national agency for a motor speedway and wins. Glenn notes: "...I saved the client a ton of money by doing spots locally instead of them going through a national agency that only offered to do two spots. It proved to be their biggest season ever! I did sixteen weeks for them and they want me to do it exclusively for them again next year. They didn't know there was a guy that could do it in the area until I contacted them and sent them a demo."

Promos are on tracks 12 through 27. Track 14 from Ian Fish features VO work from Davinia Palmer as mentioned in Ian's Q It Up response on page 18. Track 16 from Chris Potter features Keith Urban interview excerpts acquired a few months ago, just before he entered rehab. Chris notes: "That little interview turned to gold. Almost all of the promotions for Keith's album had been halted because of his going into rehab, but we were able to snag the CD before it was out in stores." And we wrap things up with some comic relief on tracks 28 through 30. Steve Franzman says about track 30: "One day I started wondering if this is what spots will sound like in 30 years."{nmap}html5|475|230|files/archives/2007/jan/cd|||||||7|1|95%|160px|60%{/nmap}

1. Demo from Joan Baker, New York, NY, JoanTheVoice[at]PushCreative.com
2. East Hamilton Radio/What He Wants, Derek Welsman, Corus Radio, Toronto, Canada, derek[at]edge.ca
3. Grand Prairie Hyundai, Stuart Setch, Audiology, Fort St. John, BC, Canada, audiology[at]scienceofsound.ca
4. Rona/Gifts Out of the Box, Dave Cockram, Rogers Radio, Vancouver, BC, Canada, dave.cockram[at]vancouverradio.rogers.com
5. Cellone's Bread, Drake Donovan, WZPT/WDSY, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, drake.donovan[at]cbsradio.com
6. Kinross Speed Park, Glenn "Casey" Cook, WMJT-FM, Newberry, Michigan, gcook[at]nmo.net
7. Island Car Buyer, Ian Seggie, Island Radio/CKWF, Nanaimo, BC, Canada, iseggie[at]islandradio.bc.ca
8. Christmas Dcor (2 x :30), Kurt Kaniewski, Clear Channel, Lincoln, Nebraska, kurtkoncepts[at]cs.com
9. World of Wonder/Christmas Magic, Sean Bell, NYPD, New Yorkshire, United Kingdom, seanbell[at]nypd.uk.com
10. Jukebox Joplin/Auctioneer, Ryan Keith, Zimmer Radio, Joplin, Missouri, ryank[at]zrgmail.com
11. Power Sports Center, CJ Goodearl, Clear Channel, Orlando, Florida, cjgoodearl[at]clearchannel.com
12. What's That Noise?, Dan Motut, JRFM/600AM, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, dmotut[at]jrfm.com
13. Rolling Stones/Re-Start Me Up, Blair Moore, The Goat/CKLM-FM, Lloydminster, Alb., Canada, blair[at]borderrock.com
14. Club Classics/Groovemeister, Ian Fish, 100.7 Heart FM, The Midlands, United Kingdom, ian.fish[at]chrysalis.com
15. Back to Kool, Mike Vuckovich, Kool-FM, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, mvuckovich[at]koolfm.com
16. Keith Urban Winning Weekend, Chris Potter, ABC Radio Networks/Country Coast to Coast, Chris.M.Potter[at]abc.com
17. Fake Artist/Village People, Richard Stroobant, CJAY92/Vibe 98-5, Calgary, Alb., Canada, bigdick[at]cjay92.com
18. Axes for Xmas, Brian Whitaker, KAZR-FM, Des Moines, Iowa, brian1025[at]quest.net
19. WFMS Rewards, Johnny George, Formerly at Susquehanna, Indianapolis, Indiana, radio[at]johnnygeorge.com
20. Mug Song 3, T-Bone, Rawlco Radio, Saskatoon, Sk., Canada, stoonprod1[at]rawlco.com
21. Power 104 Motley, Andrew Murdoch, CKLZ-FM, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, amurdoch[at]power104.fm
22. Franzman/10 Commandments, Steve Franzman, Zimmer Radio, Joplin, Missouri, sfranzman[at]zrgmail.com
23. 96FM Fugitive/Guess Who's Back, Brendan O Driscoll, Corks 96 & 103FM, Ireland, production[at]96fm.ie
24. Last Letter Weekend, Chadd Pierce, KRXQ/KWOD, Sacramento, California, chadd[at]krxq.net
25. 2 Earl FM "Earl Mail" Song Intros, Eric Bohlen, Citadel Broadcasting, Knoxville, TN, eric.bohlen[at]citcomm.com
26. Santa Spectacular, Drake Donovan, WZPT/WDSY, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, drake.donovan[at]cbsradio.com
27. KLSXmas/Oh Howard Stern, Rich Boerner, KLSX, Los Angeles, California, rboerner[at]cbs.com
28. Tainted Food, C.J. Goodearl, Clear Channel, Orlando, Florida, cjgoodearl[at]clearchannel.com
29. Sebastian's Health Obsession, Rich Conway, WCCC/WBOQ, Hartford, Connecticut, rconway[at]wccc.com
30. Dirty Debbie's, Steve Franzman, Zimmer Radio, Joplin, Missouri, sfranzman[at]zrgmail.com

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