Q-It-Up-Logo-sep95A couple of late submissions to last month’s Q It Up well worth sharing. Thanks, guys!

Q It Up: Tell us about the last promo, commercial, or imaging piece you wrote and/or produced that was inspired by something outside the context of the commercial or promo/ID itself. What was the inspiration, and how/why did you incorporate it into the piece? Was the inspiration something you saw on TV? Something a family member said or did? Something you saw on your way to work? Tell us about your creative process, and then attach the production to your response! We’ll put ‘em on the RAP CD! Please note: we’re not looking for award winners here; just an example of using external influences to raise your work a notch above the ordinary.

Rich Boerner [rboerner[at]cbs.com], KLSX, Los Angeles, California: I saw a sign the other day that looked like it said “Chicken...Donuts” because the “and” had worn off. This is what happened later that day. I apologize to my chicken friends for the “fowl” language.

Bill Jackson [bjackson[at]jrfm.com]: One of our creative team members, Duncan Minett, wrote the enclosed promo. His inspiration: he’s now a transit rider, and the concept came to him as he was looking around at the people on the bus. You get all kinds: the well dressed groomed business rider to the stinky drunk drooling in the corner. Just a slice of everyday life. Enjoy.

On the Soundstage

Dog Town Pet Spa
Sue Kelley, Von Coffman, Mark Margulies


April 01, 2003 6650
by Steve Cunningham When it comes to production facilities, space really is the final frontier. This is especially true if you’re setting up a room for yourself outside the station — maybe you’ve decided to take on a little...