Q-It-Up-Logo-sep95And here’s one more response to last month’s Q It Up question on how you keep your voice-over business thriving….

Brian Rhodes [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.], Brian Rhodes Productions, www.brianrhodesvo.com, WKQX-FM/WLUP-FM, Chicago, Illinois: My supplemental freelance VO has been word of mouth and some great luck. The first official freelance work I nabbed was doing concert spots for Promowest productions in Columbus, OH. I had been in Columbus at WBZX, The Blitz for about 8 years and was getting ready to head to my present Chicago gig, Q101 and The Loop, when Promowest decided to have someone do all the spots for the smaller shows. They wanted consistency in the voice and spot style and after handling the spots they ran at The Blitz for so many years, we had a good relationship and I was leaving the market. While I was there, many stations didn’t want me on their air I guess because I was too identified as the Blitz prod guy. I still do a lot of concert spots for them.

Next, I got a call from KIOI, Star 101-3 in San Francisco about 4 years ago. They found me through a free listing on Allaccess.com and listened to the alternative and rock stuff on my really bad website and somehow figured I was what they wanted for their hot AC station. Strange eh? It worked out great for a couple years then they got a new PD who decided he wanted to voice the station and I was out. Now that PD is out and I’m back voicing the station again. How many times does that happen?

While doing Star in San Fran, the PD at KPEK, The Peak in Albuquerque heard me and I’ve been their voice for the last 3 years or so.

So I’ve never really worked the freelance angle, just been extremely lucky. I really enjoy it and someday maybe I’ll get the ol’ website up to snuff, make some new demos and try to get some more biz. Although I know a bunch of folks do it, I really don’t want to come home from a full day of prod at my present gig and work all night. If I ever make, or have to make the transition, hopefully it will be a smooth one.

In the meantime, the freelance is a great way to afford the latest and greatest studio toys for my home setup. I’m constantly feeding my gear addiction.

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