RAP-CD-logo-2Welcome to the August 2004 RAP CD. We get started with a demo from this months interview subject, Ric Gonzalez, Creative Services Director at Infinity Austin. Track 2 is the commercial referred to in this months Radio Hed column. Track 3 is audio from Dave Foxx for his Production 212 column. Tracks 4 through 11 are the "most requested" pieces described in this months Q It Up column. We get some great promos on tracks 12 through 18, including an impressive promo on track 14 done by students! Commercials fill out tracks 19 through 25, starting with an exceptional spot for Weathershield Wood Care. Timothy Miles notes: "[The owner] told me a story during our original interview that many of his calls are from women whose husbands tried to do it themselves with their buddies, but they ended up making a drunken mess of the backyard." Cut 26 from James Stodd is a feature length "launch promo" for a contest nice way to hype a contest at the outset. Track 27 from Glenn Cook features his many character voices in a bit he did for his morning show partner. And we wrap things up with some fun with "Juror #5" from Al Peterson and a new twist on the Godfather theme from CJ Goodearl.

1. Ric Gonzalez Demo, Infinity Broadcasting, Austin, Texas, rgonzalez[at]cbsaustin.com
2. Carroll's Home Design Studio (Radio Hed audio), Jeffrey Hedquist, Hedquist Productions, Fairfield, Iowa, Jeffrey[at]hedquist.com
3. Production 212 audio, Dave Foxx, Z100, New York, davefoxx[at]clearchannel.com
4. Q It Up/Paul Brown Remix Cooper Fox, Magic 104 WVMJ-FM, Conway, New Hampshire, cooper[at]conwaymagic.com
5. Q It Up/Throwback Thursday Johnny George, Susquehanna, Indianapolis, Indiana, jgeorge[at]indyradio.com
6. Q It Up/Here's To You Mr. Z93 Listener Rich VanSlyke, Rich VanSlyke Productions, Suwanee, Georgia, richvs[at]bellsouth.net
7. Q It Up/Big Swell Ryan Stockert, CJAY92/VIBE 98.5, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, rstockert[at]cjay92.com
8. Q It Up/Finding Nympho Tim McKee, KISS-FM/KSMG, San Antonio, Texas, Tim.McKee[at]cox.com
9. Q It Up/Jason Loves Freddy - Tim McKee, KISS-FM/KSMG, San Antonio, Texas, Tim.McKee[at]cox.com
10. Q It Up/Freeman Urgent Care Zack Lowe, Zimmer Creative Services, Joplin, Missouri, zackl[at]zrgmail.com
11. Q It Up/Kitchen Warehouse Zack Lowe, Zimmer Creative Services, Joplin, Missouri, zackl[at]zrgmail.com
12. 4th of July, AJ McKay, WABB-AM/FM, Mobile, Alabama, wabbproduction[at]aol.com
13. Rock Wear, Markus Shafer, Rawlco Radio, Saskatoon, Sk., Canada, Stoonprod3[at]rawlco.com
14. Hawaiian Tropic Promo, The Students at KVTI/Clover Park Technical College, Tacoma, WA, John.Mangan[at]cptc.edu
15. AM1500.com/E-Harmony Parody, Brad Lane, KSTP-AM, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Blane[at]am1500.com
16. Thunderbirds, Ian Fish, 100.7 Heart FM, The Midlands, United Kingdom, ian.fish[at]chrysalisradio.co.uk
17. Kenny Chesney, Garry "D", KNIX/KESZ, Phoenix, Arizona, GarryD[at]clearchannel.com
18. Aussie Weekend, Shane Smyth, Lite FM, Dublin, Ireland, shane.smyth[at]litefm.ie
19. Weathershield Wood Care, Timothy Miles, Zimmer Radio Group of Southern Illinois, liltimmy[at]accessus.net
20. PHD Salon, Tami Reade, Harvard Broadcasting, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, treade[at]harvardbroadcasting.com
21. Alessandros Restaurant, Deborah Hopkins, 105.3 Kool FM, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, dhopkins[at]koolfm.com
22. Campbell's Soup, Joey Cummings, KKHJ-FM, Pago Pago, American Samoa, joey[at]khjradio.com
23. Pets and All, Barry McCaul, DMG Regional Radio, Albury, NSW, Australia, bmcall[at]dmgradio.com.au
24. Collucci Brothers Diner, Bumper Morgan, Boch Broadcasting, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, bumpermorgan[at]comcast.net
25. Van & Truck World, Bryan Williams, The New Country 95.3, Hamilton, Ont., Canada, bwilliams[at]country953.com
26. 100,000 Pounds Launch promo, James Stodd, Capital FM, London, England, James.Stodd[at]CapitalRadio.com
27. Happy Birthday, Mikey, Glenn "Casey" Cook, WNBY-FM, Newberry, Michigan, gcook[at]nmo.net
28. Juror #5, Alan Peterson, Radio America Network, Washington, DC, apeterson[at]radioamerica.org
29. Godfather of Soul, CJ Goodearl, Clear Channel, Orlando, Florida, cjgoodearl[at]clearchannel.com


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    by Dave Foxx   In the face of it, spending Thanksgiving weekend in Dublin, Ireland was a little bit crazy, certainly non-traditional, but an absolute ton of...