In their latest move to provide a complete solution for computer-based recording, TASCAM has announced distribution for Nomad Factory plug-ins in the United States. Nomad Factory provides the last step in the puzzle for DAW mixing tools, including vintage EQs, compressors and guitar amp simulations. Nomad Factory (www.nomadfactory .com) has a line of three plug-in bundles for the computer-based production studio. The new Blue Tubes Version 2 bundle recreates the warm sound of vintage EQs, compressors, phasers, limiters, delays, chorus and more. The Liquid Bundle provides an array of high-quality compressor, chorus, flange, delay and reverb plug-ins with a unique, intuitive user interface. The Rock Amp Legends is the latest addition to the Nomad Factory lineup. Co-developed with Jimmy Crespo (guitarist with Aerosmith, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Rod Stewart, Jeff Beck), this plug-in captures the classic rock tone of British and American amplifiers, and adds a rack of effects for a thick guitar sound. TASCAM will be bundling demos of Nomad Factory plug-ins with their USB and FireWire audio interfaces and with GigaStudio. An exclusive, free Nomad Factory plug-in will also be provided for TASCAM customers. Customers who register their Nomad Factory purchase receive a free, three plug-in bundle through the Nomad Factory website.


Drawmer is introducing the 1968ME dual-channel JFET tube compressor. Designed for audio aficionados that desire an affordable buss compressor that’s also useful for tracking, the 1968 offers brilliant compression capabilities at around $2,150 - the lowest price ever for a studio quality stereo buss compressor or a pair of JFET compressors. Drawmer 1968s are in stock and now shipping. The 1968 is a 1U, two-channel compressor featuring a JFET/tube combination design that simultaneously yields reliability, low noise levels, and the unique musical characteristics provided by tube circuitry. The use of design philosophies found only in the “holy grail” compressors such as the 1176, the 1968’s JFET, voltage-controlled resistor design includes dual JFET compressors with variable threshold, attack, and release. On the outputs, 12AX7 tubes with variable gain control offer flexible application from transparent to ‘overdrive’ tone characteristics. Both channels of the 1968 have a toggle switch ingenuously labeled as ‘BIG’ which controls the unit’s detector-stage high-pass filter. The ‘BIG’ HPF gives users the ability to deal with bass heavy signals without the typical artifacts such as “bass pumping.” The ‘BIG’ mode enables application in buss compression situations where you still want thick and warm tone yet complete dynamics control. The ability to switch “BIG” off opens the 1968 to tracking applications where you may want instrument specific compression. www.

BIAS, Inc., a leading Macintosh pro audio software manufacturer, is now offering solutions for both Windows and Mac platforms. The release of SoundSoap, followed by the recent release of SoundSoap Pro represent the first two major cross-platform offerings for the company. Both products are audio restoration tools, with SoundSoap tailored for the consumer/hobbyist, and SoundSoap Pro targeted at the high-end DV, Film, broadcast and multimedia professional. Additionally, the company is finding that more and more customers outside the music industry are discovering their products, due to their ease-of-use as well as high-quality functionality.

dbx® Professional Products introduced the Purple Series™ 162SL Compressor/Limiter with dbx’s proprietary AutoVelocity™ attack and release circuit. The 162SL has been designed to provide contractors uncompromising, state-of-the-art compression and limiting, while maintaining a simple and intuitive control interface. Based on the lineage of the Blue Series 160SL Compressor/Limiter, the 162SL is designed for the most demanding user in the most extreme conditions. Built to be as transparent as possible, the 162SL’s sonic purity is rivaled by only its big brother, the Blue 160SL. Designed specifically to handle the abuse of the road, while still delivering clarity henceforth reserved for the studio, the 162SL is currently available.

D&M Professional, the parent company of Denon Professional and Marantz Professional, recently demonstrated a broad range of new products, including the Marantz Professional CDR420, the world’s first standalone CD and MP3 recorder. A complete portable digital recording solution for virtually any application, the CDR420 eliminates the need for a computer, CD recording or post-production. With an internal storage capacity of over 1,400 hours, the CDR420 will burn up to 45 hours of audio on a single MP3-CD or on multiple traditional 74-min audio CDs. Its portability makes the CDR420 perfect for recording off-site meetings and other events where a traditional recording device will not suffice. The Marantz Pro PMD570 Compact Flash MP3/WAV Recorder is the first rack-mount recorder capable of recording an entire day’s worth of audio without changing media, offering MP3, MP2, WAV and BWF format compatibility. It records directly to affordable, Compact Flash memory cards, which can be removed for easy file transfer to a computer. The recorder allows direct download to any computer in minutes and seconds to burn a CD of the recording.

Fostex America introduces the FR-2 Field Recorder. Fostex’s FR-2 is one of the first field recorders to record at a maximum 24-bit/192khz, making it an ideal choice for situations where the very best quality audio is desired. It records to industry standard Broadcast Wav Files (BWF), which then can be downloaded via USB to a computer for maximum compatibility and ease in post-production. The most innovative aspect of the FR-2 is the ability to record to PCMCIA 1.8” and Type II Compact Flash cards. The machine contains no moving parts for increased durability as well as exceptional interconnectivity. “It used to be very time consuming to have to take the tape and load it into the computer, but now, with a USB cable or CF adaptor, our customers can load an entire day’s work onto a computer in a matter of minutes,” explains Rick Cannata, Professional Product Manager. Features include a 10 second pre-record buffer, battery power, on-board limiter, phantom power, balanced mic inputs, and an optional timecode card. The machine is priced at $1499 MSRP.

Mackie announced that Mackie Control Universal Extender support has now been made available in the newly released version 2.2 of both Cubase SX/SL and Nuendo. “Steinberg users will now be able to add more faders to their existing Mackie Control Universal setups, which gives them the ability to build a large-scale console interface to control the same great workstation they already know and love,” commented Dan Moore, Product Manager for the Mackie Control Universal. “Adding Extenders to the Mackie Control Universal provides and even greater level of immediate accessibility to parameters previously available only by using the “Bank” and “Channel” buttons with a single controller.” The Mackie Control Universal is a nine-fader master control surface with nine touch-sensitive Penny and Giles® motorized faders and extensive software integration for a growing family of DAWs that includes Emagic Logic Audio, Digidesign Pro Tools, Steinberg Nuendo and Cubase SX/SL, MOTU Digital Performer, RML Labs SAW Studio, Adobe Audition, and many others. The Mackie Control Universal Extender is a channel extension for Mackie Control Universal that offers all the channel strip features of the Mackie Control Universal - only without the master section. For information about the Mackie Control Universal and Mackie Control Universal Extender visit For more information about the latest release of Cubase SX/SL and Nuendo, visit


TM Century, Inc. of Dallas, Texas ( and Jingle House of Melbourne, Australia ( have entered into a partnership wherein they will represent each other’s products in their respective countries. Jingle House is a leading producer of radio and television station imaging and also produces commercial jingles for many of Australia’s leading advertisers. “Jingle House is, without question, the finest producer of commercial music in Australia. Their combination of brilliant creative with unsurpassed production values has led them to the pinnacle of the Australian market. We are absolutely thrilled to be able to offer Jingle House productions in North America,” commented TM Century President and CEO, David Graupner. TM Century will immediately make available dozens of Jingle House commercial jingles through its division. These advertising campaigns will be available for license on a market-exclusive basis throughout North America. In coming months, TM Century will begin to syndicate radio station ID packages that Jingle House has produced for leading stations around the world. Jingle House will represent TM Century’s many product lines in Australia and New Zealand., www.Jingle

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