404-StudioDriveHenry Engineering recently introduced the new StudioDrive PC Mixer. StudioDrive makes any PC with a soundcard into a complete “studio-in-a-box”. StudioDrive is a stereo audio mixer that fits in the drive bay area of any PC. Designed specifically for broadcast and audio production applications, it features 6 inputs (1 mic + 5 line), and has On-Air and Soundcard outputs. Sources can be mixed for a live broadcast or recorded and edited on the PC. There is also a built-in telephone coupler, a Mix-Minus output, and provision for remote Mic control. The Monitor system features automatic muting when the mic is on, plus control of On The Air warning lights. StudioDrive adds control, mixing, and monitoring functions to any soundcard, creating an integrated studio that’s ideal for PC-based radio automation, newsrooms, and PC production studios.

Digidesign announced the availability of free Bomb Factory plug-in downloads at Seven full-featured Bomb Factory plug-ins — Bomb Factory BF76 (formerly Bomb Factory 1176), Bomb Factory BF Essentials (five plug-ins), and Funk Logic Mastererizer — are now available to download for Pro Tools® TDM and LE systems running on Windows XP or Mac OS X. Digidesign also announced the availability of The Forte Suite, Focusrite’s latest plug-ins since the d2 and d3. The Forte Suite brings the Focusrite signature sound to Pro Tools(r) with modeling of the ISA 110 EQ and ISA 130 dynamics processors, the two key modules from Focusrite’s definitive analog console, the Focusrite Forte. The Forte Suite supports TDM and RTAS on Mac OS X and Windows XP.

Symetrix introduced the new AirTools 6200 voice processor, a dual-channel, DSP-driven voice processor with all the necessary functions to handle complete signal processing of microphone or line-level signals, in dual-mono or stereo. Processing blocks are editable from the front panel or from a Windows-based GUI accessed via USB or Ethernet ports, and changes are stored in any of the 1024 onboard preset locations. Processes include filtering, parametric equalization, compression, de-essing, gating, room simulation, and more. The 6200 also supports HomerLink, an interconnect protocol that makes it compatible with the Studio Matrix system.

404-OmniaAXOmnia A/X from Omnia Audio is a new software audio processor designed expressly for streaming audio. Omnia A/X works with third-party streaming audio encoders and is a pure software audio processor for Windows® PCs, cleaning and conditioning audio prior to encoding for significantly improved sound quality. It works seamlessly with most applications that use the standard Windows WAVEIN/OUT driver interface, including Windows Media, Real™, and MP3 streaming encoders, making Omnia A/X suited to the needs of Internet broadcasters and audio production professionals for applications such as webcasting, satellite distribution, point-to-point audio streaming and video post-production. “One of the most common questions we hear regarding bit-reduced audio is ‘Will pre-processing make my Web streams sound better?’” relates Frank Foti, President of Omnia Audio. “The answer is unequivocally ‘yes.’ As speech and music are bitrate-reduced, their audio quality degrades. Omnia A/X provides precision peak control and frequency response to prevent distortion and artifacts in encoded audio.” Omnia A/X features a wide range of professional processing controls, including wideband AGC (Automatic Gain Control), a three-band combined AGC/Limiter, high frequency EQ and an adjustable-bandwidth low pass filter. Most importantly, since clipped audio translates into digital artifacts when encoded by perceptual audio coders, Omnia A/X features a high-accuracy look-ahead final limiter to prevent clipping. Resulting streams are cleaner and clearer, with presence, detail and transparency. A variety of processing presets are included with Omnia A/X to help users achieve significantly improved audio almost immediately. Presets can be used as starting points for custom-made processing configurations, which can be saved and recalled instantly. Omnia A/X is now shipping to clients worldwide. It runs on any Pentium-III 800 MHz or higher PC with Windows 2000, NT or XP, and retails for a suggested $595.00 US. For more information visit

404-CubaseSESteinberg Media Technologies has announced the release of a new entry-level music production workstation: Cubase SE. Cubase SE includes Steinberg music production technology from its premiere Cubase SX product, yet offers a compact feature set ideal for beginners and educational use. Cubase SE first appeared as part of Steinberg’s Studio Case package, and has now been released as a full, stand alone Steinberg product. Aimed squarely at newcomers to digital music production as well as the education market, this SE version makes professional audio technologies available to a wider audience. “Released in Steinberg’s 20th anniversary year, Cubase SE offers established and familiar Cubase SX quality at a new entry-level price point. With up to 48 Audio- and unlimited MIDI tracks, Cubase SE is the perfect cross-platform starting point for any home-recording studio, small-project studio or pre-production/editing room,” commented Arnd Kaiser, Steinberg’s Senior Product Manager for Music Technology. Cubase SE is shipping now for $149.99 MSRP through authorized Steinberg resellers and is fully upgradeable to higher versions of Cubase.

Echo Digital Audio Corporation announced their new FireWire based product line of professional audio hardware. This new product line offers the same high quality hardware and software as the acclaimed Echo24 line and will use Echo’s new FireWorks technology. FireWorks combines FireWire and DSP technology into small, low-cost modules. These modules utilize an integrated Texas Instruments FireWire solution coupled with DSPs from both Texas Instruments and Analog Devices. The FireWorks architecture will be available to OEMs as a reference design as well as the foundation for Echo’s new family of professional audio products. Echo Digital Audio also announced full Windows support for AMD64 processors starting with their new FireWire line of products. “Echo’s support of AMD Athlon 64 processors provides customers amazing audio application technology for the desktop and mobile markets,” said John Morris, manager, desktop marketing, AMD’s Microprocessor Business Unit. “We are pleased to see such a strong commitment from Echo to bring 64-bit support to our shared customers.” For more information visit www.echoaudio .com.

404-AKG-K301 XTRAAKG Acoustics debuts new headphone models. The new K 71, K 101 and K 301 XTRA models feature legendary AKG high-fidelity sound and lightweight designs. The K 71 is a semi-open, “feather-weight” headphone designed for use with portable audio devices, computers and for utility applications. It features a full 20 – 20,000 Hz frequency response, low 19-ohm impedance and weighs only 140 grams (5 oz.). Suggested retail price is $70. The K 101 is an open-back, lightweight headphone featuring a new computer-optimized MX20 transducer for true “heavyweight” sound. The K 101 has a wide 18 – 22,000 Hz frequency response. Weighing 160 grams, (5.6 oz.), the K 101 features high 101 dB sensitivity and low 19-ohm impedance ensuring compatibility with any low-output audio device including portable CD/MP3 players, notebook computers and keyboards. AKG’s patented comfort-fit design includes a self-adjusting leather headband and removable ear pads for easy cleaning. Suggested retail price is $84. The K 301 XTRA offers top-level sonic performance thanks to AKG’s new VariMotion XXL transducers. The K 301 XTRA delivers a frequency response of 18 Hz – 26 KHz, and its 55-ohm impedance and 102 dB sensitivity means that it delivers plenty of volume. The K 301 XTRA provides deep bass, transparent mids and well-defined highs. AKG’s K 301 XTRA headphones feature a durable steel-frame construction. Suggested retail price is $130.


AVDeli has added about 25 all new imaging demos to their website as they Salute the Best in the Business. Check out the “best in the biz” at

Ed LaComb, President and Executive Producer of Ed LaComb Audio Imaging, Incorporated of Syracuse, New York, announced a strategic alliance with several prominent voiceover artists to provide radio stations in markets outside the Top 50 a complete, turnkey solution for imaging their stations which includes voice talent and production services. The Audio Imaging, Inc. turnkey solution provides voice and imaging production for 15 sweepers per month for $400 per month. Voice talents in the lineup include Rich Boerner, Lori Bradley, Erin Bristol, Jon Carter, John Driscoll, Rob Fiorino, Howard Kroeger, Ed LaComb, David Lee, CC McCartney, Buffy O’Neil, Mike Otis, Tina Perkins, George Robinson, John Smith, and Christie Tanner.

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