Telos Systems is now shipping ProFiler Version 2.0 Automated Program Archiving software, a new version of the popular logging software used by broadcasters to store and retrieve program audio. ProFiler works with Telos professional balanced-I/O audio cards, archiving (logging) program audio to time-annotated files using industry-standard MP3 compression. Users can then listen to and work with audio files using any LAN or Internet connection; logged audio can be archived on a local hard drive, a web or FTP server, or networked drives for convenience. Users can even listen to “live” audio via TCP/IP during the encoding process. ProFiler 2.0 contains many performance upgrades and new features suggested by ProFiler users, including: Support for recording of multiple simultaneous program streams using multiple Telos balanced-I/O audio cards, up to eight mono streams on a 1GHz Pentium PC, and the ability to record simultaneous mono streams using a single stereo audio card. An integrated logging scheduler allows automatic audio capture at user-determined times. Along with continuous logging, ProFiler provides a comprehensive suite of skimming tools to capture programs for rebroadcast, and to facilitate quick assembly of airchecks and composites. ProFiler 2.0 runs on a standard PC under Windows 2000. In its simplest configuration, ProFiler records one stereo or two mono audio streams, and includes a Telos professional balanced-I/O audio card; additional Telos audio cards are required and can easily be added to extend the number of possible recorded streams. ProFiler 2.0 is available now, with a list price of $595.00 USD per stereo stream. For more details, browse

Primera Technology has an affordable solution for those needing a CD duplicator with built-in printer. The Bravo Disc Publisher is an all-in-one CD/DVD duplicator and printer with a small footprint that fits easily on a desktop. The CD model sells for US $1995 (MSRP) and the DVD/CD model sells for $2495. Standard disc capacity is 25 discs, but with Primera’s new Kiosk Mode Kit, users can copy and print up to 50 discs per job. With the Kiosk Mode Kit ($49.95), blank discs can be placed in both the input and output bin. Bravo then burns and prints each disc and drops it out the center output chute into a metal output bin. The occasional disc that may be rejected due to a media verification error is printed with the word “Reject.”

SoundSoap from BIAS, Inc. is a digital audio signal processing plug for the Macintosh and Windows computer platforms. SoundSoap is very easy to use. By adjusting just two knobs, anyone can remove unwanted hiss, room noise, rumble, electrical hum, and other background noise from almost any digital media file including digital audio workstation tracks, cassette or other analog tape recordings that have been transferred to a computer, and other sources. SoundSoap is also available as a stand-alone version for users who do not own compatible host programs. SoundSoap 1.1 stand-alone edition and version 1.0.1 of the plug-in for Mac OS X v.10.2 and Windows XP, are now available as free downloadable updates to all registered users of SoundSoap 1.0. SoundSoap 1.1 stand-alone is now included with the shipping 1.0.1 version of the plug-in. BIAS SoundSoap has a suggested introductory retail price of $99 US, and is currently available through the worldwide network of authorized BIAS dealers and distributors and directly from BIAS, Inc.

The ProVocal™ Digital Vocal Processor from dbx® Professional Products is an all-inclusive single rack space toolbox designed for applications including live, studio and karaoke. The ProVocal features a microphone preamp coupled with state-of-the-art microphone and mic-pre amp modeling for a wide variety of sonic characteristics. From there you go into classic dbx dynamic processing such as gating, compression, de-esser, and limiter, then on to chorus, flanger, delay and reverb. Other features include a 24-bit S/PDIF output with selectable 44.1 or 48k sample rate and MIDI control. The ProVocal offers XLR and 1/4” analog inputs and outputs and S/PDIF digital outputs. www.dbxpro .com.

Bag End’s new M6 Near Field Monitors boasts exceptional quality at an exceptionally inexpensive cost ($569 each). The M6 Nearfield Monitor™ is a very compact package, measuring just 14 inches high by nine inches high by nine inches deep. It is loaded with a six-inch high performance coaxial driver with a one-inch soft-dome neodymium tweeter and weighs just 15 pounds. The M6 Nearfield Monitor™ is designed for home studio, recording studio and post-production monitoring applications. Impedance is 8 ohms nominal. Frequency response is 60 Hz to 20 kHz ± 3 dB.

Yamaha Professional Audio has added a new member to its digital mixer family with the 96kHz capable 01V96. Like its predecessor, the 01V96 is an ideal mixer for small-to-medium permanent or mobile installations, with significant upgrades that include improved sound quality plus new computer and ADAT interfaces. Currently available and built into the same footprint as the original 01V, the rack-mountable 01V96 features 40 simultaneous mixing channels with full resolution 24-bit/96 kHz audio, a range of stereo effects with 32-bit internal processing and full automation. The control surface, large display screen and user interface allow analog-style hands-on operation, with eight user-defined keys available for assignable functions. Inputs 1-32 feature fully independent gating/compression processors, four-band fully parametric EQ, delay and two pre-EQ/post-delay insert points. Stereo inputs 1-4 feature parametric EQ. Up to four of the built-in effect processors (two at 96kHz) may be used simultaneously. Up to 99 scene memories are available to store complete snapshots of all console settings for instant recall. Separate memory “libraries” are included for storage of EQ, dynamics, input and output patching and effects settings. In addition to snapshot capability, an external sequencer can be used to record real-time movement of the motorized faders, EQ settings and other parameters, allowing complete mix automation. The 17 precision 100-millimeter motorized channel faders can be instantly layer-switched to control any input or output. All available inputs, outputs, effects, and channel inserts can be assigned to any channel or output via a digital patching system. A direct out function allows signal from any input channel to be routed to any digital or analog output. The 01V96 also integrates with digital audio workstations and provides extensive support for DigiDesign ProTools®, Nuendo® and other popular computer-based recording software. A significant upgrade is the inclusion of ADAT I/O, eliminating the need for a dedicated expansion card. Bundled Yamaha Studio Manager software is compatible with both Macintosh and Windows platforms.


Wizman Music announces the release of Sledgehammer 1, a new “cinematic” imaging library for broadcast. While Sledgehammer 1 was originally designed for News/Talk, it is equally at home on Rock, Classic Rock and Triple A formats, or any type of programming that needs a theater-of-the-mind (cinematic) underscore. According to creator Brian Wilson, “I was frustrated on 9/11 that I didn’t have the tools musically to deal with a national tragedy. When the war in Iraq started, I began to write aggressive war themes, and it took off from there.” Not just gloom and doom, Sledgehammer 1 also features impacts and drones, solo guitar licks and drum tracks, and beds from the serious to the downright silly. Wilson has contributed over a hundred un-credited tracks to some of the best known jingle and production houses in America, and felt now was the time to step out on his own. “Imaging music from real radio people, and yes, we take requests!” For more information contact Brian Wilson at Wizman Music (408) 460-5335, or online at

New releases from Killer Tracks include Edge 75 – Urban Drama, Match 197 – Chart History 1953-1962, Koka 2227 – Absolute Underscores, and many more. Visit


Amy Wilken joins TM Century as PraiseDisc Manager. Wilken will manage the PraiseDisc project which delivers Christian new releases every other week to the over 1,800 radio stations in the US that program any type of Christian music. Wilken’s background includes a Bachelor’s degree from Milliken University in Commercial Music, years of experience with Christian record labels, a promotions position with Sony, and most recently as the National Promotions Director for Christian independent label - Razed Records. 


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