Audion Laboratories announces the release of VoxPro PC 3.2, the latest version of the company’s globally distributed VoxPro PC voice editing software product. VoxPro PC 3.2 adds new features designed to facilitate ease of use and speed when developing on-air content. Select features include: importing of WAV, AIFF, WMA MP2, MP3 and other popular file formats; auto-installation of DirectX(tm) and Windows(tm) Media files; export mono-right, mono-left, or total track mono; export multiple files in popular file formats; and record in stereo, playback in mono. www.audion

Digidesign announces the release of the Hi-Resolution Parametric EQ plug-in for Pro Tools|HD created by acclaimed audio expert George Massenburg of Massenburg DesignWorks (MDW). This plug-in boasts unprecedented clarity, superlative smoothness, and excellent high frequency response - all the result of Double Precision 48-bit processing and high-resolution 96 kHz sampling rate processing. With Double Precision 48-bit processing, the audio is processed with optimal precision resulting in less noise, increased headroom, fewer artifacts, and wider dynamic range. Even when working in sessions set to 44.1 or 48 kHz, the MDW EQ processes the audio at 88.2 and 96 kHz, respectively. The result is high-resolution audio, fewer artifacts, and more predictable filter curves. Digidesign also announces the availability of Pro Tools version 6.0.1, a free update for owners of Pro Tools 6.0. It’s available as a download at and through local dealers as an Updater CD. Also new is the Digidesign Core Audio driver (Mac OS) which allows third-party applications supporting the Apple Core Audio standard to utilize their Pro Tools system for audio input and output. Depending on the hardware and application, users can record and playback multiple channels of 24-bit audio up to 96 kHz. This is a free download. (Pro Tools v6.0.1 must be installed for correct Core Audio driver operation.)

Digigram has a new Linux driver for its VX222, VXpocket v2, and VXpocket 440 sound cards. The driver follows the most advanced audio standard for Linux called ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture). In November 2002, Digigram made available the source code of its Mac OS X drivers and driver interface documentation on the ALSA Project website ( Since then, the Linux community, managed by the ALSA driver developers of SuSE Linux AG, Germany, has developed a driver that takes advantage of the newest ALSA version 0.9.1. “The importance of Linux to the pro audio industry will continue its rapid growth,” said Digigram Managing Director Philippe Delacroix. “More and more enterprises and audio professionals will want access to their computer’s low-level software in order to control applications entirely and to ensure robust operating environments.”

Symetrix introduces its latest system under the AirTools brand - the Studio Matrix. Built on the Symetrix SymNet Audio Matrix technology, this system provides a scalable, modular, redundant solution to satisfy the audio routing and processing needs of small to medium-sized radio and audio-for-video production facilities. Systems are configured by networking up to 15 redundant pairs of specialized, 1U DSP-driven devices into a matrix. This allows maximum flexibility for hundreds of input and output signals to be brought into the systems and routed via mixers, selectors, and/or crosspoint matrix/mixers up to 32 x 32 (stereo). Interconnect between devices is facilitated by an extremely robust, low latency audio bus technology that allows routing between any two (or more) points in the system, completely on demand. Each network device contains two SHARC processors for specialized handling of audio signals including dynamics, equalization, filtering, mixing, switching, routing, and logical control. Local access and control can be gained from a variety of sources including Ethernet control, RS-232/485, or analog pots and closures. Signals originating in air studios or production rooms located outside of the central network location can be brought into the system through a 4 x 4 interface known as Homer (model 7000). This device converts signals between the analog and digital domains and transmits them in and out of the network as AES/EBU audio over CAT5 cable.


TM Century, Inc. of Dallas, Texas, and Wise Buddah Creative of London, UK, have entered into an agreement wherein TM will market Wise Buddah’s cutting-edge and award winning imaging library, D/generation, in North and South America. D/generation is a popular imaging library in Europe airing on radio stations throughout Europe and Asia including Capital Radio UK, RTL 2 France, NRJ Munich Germany, Rebecca Radio Netherlands, and many others. D/generation contains over 450 “bleeding edge efx, sfx, mfx, sweepers, drones, orchestra hits, bed, pads and loops.” The writers/producers of Wise Buddah, Bill Padley and Jem Godfrey, are known throughout Europe for producing several number one singles in the UK and worldwide, as well as for their emphasis on high-quality, innovative production music for all formats. Wise Buddah is a provider of radio programming, audio production facilities, song and re-mix production and talent management.  Wise Buddah Creative is the facilities and commercial production arm of Wise Buddah. Based in London, Wise Buddah Creative has five Pro Tools digital audio suites and provides a range of services to the music and broadcast industries. Their clients include the BBC, major and independent record companies, TV Production companies, regional and national radio promoters, UK and International Radio Stations, advertising and promotional companies and a cross section of corporate and international organizations. Dallas based TM Century, Inc. creates, produces and distributes music based products.  Product lines include music compilation libraries and weekly new music distribution services, production music, commercial jingles and radio and TV station identification packages. Additionally, TM Century, Inc. owns and operates, an online station ID resource;, an advertising jingle resource; www.Hula, a consumer oriented production and sound effects library service and is a partner in Sold-Rite, Inc., a internet-based content delivery system, patent pending.

FirstCom Music is set to launch MusiQuick(r) Anywhere, a network-able version of their signature search, audition and downloading program MusiQuick(r) Online. The system can be installed on a client’s existing equipment, if the system requirements are met {compatible}. Clients, who do not have the hardware capacity and want to purchase the necessary equipment from FirstCom, can do so on a customized basis. FirstCom is also strengthening their online offerings by providing clients free music downloads when tracks are covered by their current license agreement. “We have made this change in response to our client’s evolving need to have unlimited access to their library music via the Internet. Ultimately, it is a mutually beneficial arrangement for all parties,” says CEO Cecilia Garr. This fully network-able version of MusiQuick Online will allow clients, who are restricted by firewalls and other safety protocols, to benefit from all of the features available to online users. “MusiQuick Anywhere functions just like MusiQuick Online. The primary difference is that MusiQuick Anywhere is stored on the client’s local system,” says Kim Nameth/Vice President- Business Affairs, FirstCom Music. “The search engine is just as easy to use and as intuitive as MusiQuick Online. Unlike downloading from a Web site, with MusiQuick Anywhere, there is no download time. Just search, audition and download in seconds. MusiQuick Anywhere is also easy to update, either manually via CD-ROMs or DVD-ROMs or automatically via our ftp site.” Its humongous servers and advanced programming allow MusiQuick Online to search FirstCom’s entire repertoire, which consists of 32,000+ compositions on over 1,600 CDs, in a matter of seconds.

Lou Kastler, President of Kastler Creative Inc, Darren Pettit, a Professor of Music, and Jim Martin, President of Dicobe Tapes Inc. have used their 45 years of cumulative experience to conceptualize Sunamix, a brand new, buyout music library for commercial production. Sunamix’s first introduction features 10 CDs boasting more than 7 hours of musical compositions. Included are standard commercial lengths and sub mixes of every track. Digitally mastered and mixed, Sunamix was designed for recording studios, broadcast and voiceover applications in the digital realm – “by maintaining the purity of the original digital works, users will notice that Sunamix can be processed with after market plug in effects (such as Waves) without loss of critical harmonics.” A free 10 track sampler demo is available at, or can be ordered by calling 1-800-999-3381, ext. 46. For information contact Jim Martin at Dicobe, 1-800-999-3381 or Lou Kastler at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

New releases from Promusic include AB-CD 110 Pop Culture 2, AB-CD 111 Jazz Deluxe, AB-CD 112 Techno Beats, AB-CD 113 Pop Beds, and AB-CD 114 Arabian Fusion. CDs can be auditioned online at

Who Did That Music adds a new CD to their Unity Library. Modern Conflict, CD# UPM 057 presents the thematic style of wartime music with an infusion of modern musical dynamics. This disc takes military taps and blends them with breakbeats in Drum ‘n Bass, Big Beat, and 2 Step Garage styles. www.whodidthatmusic .com.


Clear Channel Radio Vice President of Programming Sean Compton announced that radio veteran Jim Cook [Jan. 2001 RAP Interview] joins the executive team as Vice President of Creative Services. In this newly created position, Cook will be developing new technical resources for the production departments of Clear Channel radio stations, continuing the development of shared resource centers and managing the newly created production forums. He will also work with the local markets in developing on-air station creative marketing and imaging, aid in production department management, and act as an advocate for the production and imaging directors throughout the company. Cook was formerly Creative Services Manager of Clear Channel’s station group in Atlanta and has over 29 years experience working in the radio broadcasting industry. Cook joined Clear Channel Radio in 1995 and has been a valued resource within the company for his radio production and programming expertise. His extensive experience as a broadcaster has included positions as a VP of radio programming, as on-air talent for both radio and television, and in radio and television production. Cook said: “I believe Clear Channel has the best creative production and imaging in radio. I will serve as an advocate and resource for our producers in consistently achieving the highest production standards in the industry. It is my primary goal to supply our production and imaging producers with additional tools to make their work come to life for their listeners. New technology, paired with Clear Channel’s infrastructure, makes possible the advances that a few years ago seemed implausible. It is exciting and inspiring to help organize the collective imagination and creative energy of producers from throughout our company.” For further information contact Lisa Dollinger, Clear Channel Radio, at (210) 822-2828.

CORRECTION: On page 26 of last month’s RAP magazine, in “The Mix” section, we congratulated Corus Radio for all their Crystal awards. We also mentioned a Gold award for “Stonehouse Pub” from Rob Vavrek. However, Rob does not work for Corus; Rob’s at Standard Radio in Edmonton, Alberta.

Paul Turner Productions changes its name to Propulsion Media Labs and adds Chris Craft as President and CEO. 

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