penBy Jason Myers

Let’s face it. Not everyone was born to write effective radio. But as you become more comfortable consulting clients, it’s important to know the basics of good copy.

1) Use verbs: Active verbs will keep your copy moving and add excitement to your message. Include words such as “see,” “feel,” “relax,” “experience, and “improve.”

2) Sell benefits: Always appeal to your listeners’ self-interest by asking the question, “What’s in it for the customer?” A detailed fact-finding session will help you narrow the focus.

3) Think conceptually: Strive to write copy that directly relates to the sound effects or action in the spot. A unified theme sells better than unrelated ideas.

4) Be conversational: Write copy the way your target audience would say it. Then read it aloud to make sure it flows naturally.

5) Add urgency. It’s the fuel that moves your commercial forward and motivates listeners to buy. Set deadlines for action such as, “Sale ends Monday at 9” or “This Monday and Tuesday only.”

6) Get to the point. Remember, you have about three seconds to capture your listeners’ attention, so make sure your message is clearly understood up front. Use one thought per sentence and be sure any “creativity” or “cleverness” moves the sales message forward.

7) Call for action. Don’t forget to tell your listeners what you want them to do. “Pick up the phone!” and “Come in today” are examples to consider.