RAP-CD-logo-2Welcome to the December 2003 R.A.P. CD. We get started with an awesome demo from this months interview subject, Hamish McLean. Crank it up! Track 2 is audio for this months Production 212 column from Dave Foxx. Tracks 3 and 4 are commercials referenced in this months Q It Up column. We get more creative commercials on tracks 5 through 13. Promos fill out tracks 14 through 29, and we wrap up this months RAP CD with a couple of "freebies" you're welcome to use on your station(s). Track 30 is a nice holiday bit from CJ Goodearl, and track 31 is a production bed created by Al Peterson. Al writes: Anyone may take and use this when they need a "talk to the spirits" bed for a comedy bit, or mixed with some water sloshing and bubbling, it sounds like the last conscious memory one hears when drowning. It'll be tough for someone to claim it as his own work play the cut backwards for copyright info!

1. Demo from Hamish McLean, Urban Radio, Luton, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
2. Production 212 audio, Dave Foxx, Z100, New York
3. Q It Up audio, Stix Billiards (2 x :30), Angie Beers, CJAY/VIBE/CKMX, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
4. Q It Up audio, Brazos Red Eye Bloody Mary Mix, Blaine Parker, KKLA, Glendale, California
5. Cumbernauld Theatre, Sean Bell, NYPD, United Kingdom
6. Woodworking Show/Chucky, Deborah Vandendiepstraten, Kool-FM, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
7. Ferretis, Joey Cummings, Delta Radio, Cleveland, Mississippi
8. O Spa, Albert Berkshire, SILK-FM, Kelowna, BC, Canada
9. Answernet, Lee Rugen, Moody Broadcasting, Chicago, Illinois
10. Island Outfitters/Silence of the Clams, Steve Schippanoski, 100.3 The Q, Victoria, BC, Canada
11. Automotive Leasing Corporation, Steve McKenzie, Next Media, Crystal Lake, Illinois
12. Brew Pub/2 for 1 Wings, Daryl Bolton, CJSD-FM, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
13. The Lombard Courtyard & Cafe, Timothy Miles, WOOZ-FM, Carbondale, Illinois
14. Prizes, Ian Fish, 100.7 Heart FM, The Midlands, United Kingdom
15. Yankees Meet the Tweeeins, Bill Tynan, WCBS Newsradio 880, New York
16. Cozy Up Winner Promo, Mark Kirkby, CKNX-FM, Wingham, Ont., Canada
17. Way Back 80s Beatmix, Mike Mlazgar, Standard Radio, Penticton, British Columbia, Canada
18. The League of Extraordinary Morning Men, David L. Strickland, Clear Channel, Poughkeepsie, New York
19. Casey & the Coffee Crew, Glenn "Casey" Cook, WNBY-FM, Newberry, Michigan
20. Birthday Beats, Jym Geraci, KS95, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
21. Indiana Jobline, Johnny George, Susquehanna Indianapolis
22. Romper Room, Scott Clements, The Wolf, Regina, SK, Canada
23. Surfer Dude, Terry "Tunes" Miller, KSCB-FM, Liberal, Kansas
24. Music Image Promo, Carlos Montoya, AGM-Nevada, LLC Albuquerque, NM
25. Payroll Bonus Day, Chris Wrapson, Beacon FM, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
26. Guys Getaway 2, Jamie Watson, Corus Radio, Toronto, Canada
27. WWF, Markus Shafer, Rawlco Radio, Saskatoon, Sk., Canada
28. News 8 Daybreak, Wally Wawro, WFAA-TV Channel 8, Dallas, Texas
29. Holiday Golf Tournament, CJ Goodearl/Dave Green, Clear Channel, Orlando, Florida
30. Chipmunks, CJ Goodearl, Clear Channel, Orlando, Florida
31. Fevered Voices Production Track, Alan Peterson, WMET-AM, Gaithersburg, Maryland