RAP-CD-logo-2Welcome to the August 2003 RAP CD. We open with a demo from this months interview subject, Brian Kelsey/JBK Productions, New York. Crank it up! Tracks 2 and 3 are the promos done by Dave Foxx's intern at Z100 as written about in this months Production 212 column. Tracks 4 through 18 are more great promos. Track 6 was inspired by last months "Them Park Sound Design" article by Sean Bell. Chris Rice writes: "I really enjoyed the article and demo on Theme Park Sound Design from Sean Bell in the July issue. It gave me an idea, to try to apply the whole Theme Park vibe to a concert ticket promo" Tracks 19-25 bring us more creative commercials, and we wrap up the CD with 3 tracks to brighten up your day. The last track, #28 from Steve McKenzie, is quite special. Steve has been hunting for a job in "the big time" and has been met with quite a few "no's" regardless of his incredible talent and numerous awards. Steve writes: "I put together a Steve McKenzie audio-biography, which I sent to one of the Chicago stations I have been talking with. It is part true, part humor. I was annoyed enough to create it."

1. Brian Kelsey demo, JBK Productions, New York, jbkbounce[at]aol.com
2. Production 212 Audio Reality Radio Promo, Brian Fitzsimmons, Z100, New York, davefoxx[at]clearchannel.com
3. Production 212 Audio Interactive 9[at]9 Promo, Brian Fitzsimmons, Z100, New York, davefoxx[at]clearchannel.com
4. WEBN Fireworks T, Joel Moss, WEBN-FM, Cincinnati, Ohio, jmoss[at]webn.com
5. Clash, Wayne Smith, C91.3, Campbelltown, NSW, Australia, smithw[at]c913.com.au
6. Metallica, Chris Rice, KRXQ/KSEG, Sacramento, California, chrisrice[at]krxq.net
7. Inside the Yankees, Bill Tynan, WCBS Newsradio 880, New York, wstynan[at]cbs.com
8. George Strait Winning Weekend, Chris Potter, ABC Radio Networks/Country Coast to Coast, Chris.M.Potter[at]abc.com
9. Web promo - wtue.com, Jim Hausfeld, WTUE-FM, Dayton, Ohio, (937) 224-1137
10. Computer/Croc Hunter, Johnny George, Susquehanna Indianapolis, jgeorge[at]indyradio.com
11. Carmike/Cops, Jym Geraci, KS95, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, jgeraci[at]KS95fm.com
12. Dot Com Shower, Scott Clements, The Wolf, Regina, SK, Canada, sclements[at]thewolfrocks.com
13. KBOX/N-Sync Concert, Justin Taylor, VoiceImage Productions, Orlando, Florida, studio[at]voiceimage.com
14. Ultimate Lovers Giveaway, Terry "Tunes" Miller, KSCB-FM, Liberal, Kansas, terry[at]kscb.net
15. Web Promo, Carlos Montoya, KYLZ, Albuquerque, New Mexico, agmaprod[at]liveradio.com
16. Birthday Bash XV, Al B. Love, Brain Damage Creative Services, DaBrainDamaged1[at]aol.com
17. Star Wars Image Promo, Chris Wrapson, Beacon FM, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom, chris.wrapson[at]musicradio.com
18. The New 107.3 Launch Promo, Tom Wilson, WODJ-FM, Grand Rapids, Michigan, tom.wilson[at]mail.citcomm.com
19. Medispecs, Wayne Smith, C91.3, Campbelltown, NSW, Australia, smithw[at]c913.com.au
20. Hair Studio 5/Hair Rap, Barry McCaul, DMG Regional Radio, Albury, NSW, Australia, bmcall[at]dmgradio.com.au
21. Clicks Billiards, Tim McKee, KSMG/KISS, San Antonio, Texas, tim.mckee[at]cox.com
22. Follow The New Four-Lane Road, Tim Burns, Q-102, Willmar, Minnesota, tim[at]1025fm.com
23. Creative Nails, Jeff Wine, Dame Broadcasting, Chambersburg, PA, jwine[at]damebroadcasting.net
24. Bernard Callabaut Chocolates, Steve Schippanoski, 100.3 The Q, Victoria, BC, Canada, ship[at]theq.fm
25. 1-900-Fantasy, Ric Gonzalez, Cox Radio, San Antonio, Texas, Ric.Gonzalez[at]cox.com
26. Tourism Canada, Steve Schippanoski, 100.3 The Q, Victoria, BC, Canada, Ship[at]theQ.fm
27. Hulk - Punked, CJ Goodearl, WJRR-FM, Orlando, Florida, cjgoodearl[at]clearchannel.com
28. Steve McKenzie Audio Biography, Steve McKenzie, NextMedia Kenosha, Wisconsin, smckenzie[at]star105.com