RAP-CD-Logo1Welcome to the December 2002 RAP CD. We open up with a demo of commercials from this months interview subject, Neil Holmes of Voice Creative. More creative commercials fill out cuts 2 through 9. Cut 10 is an awesome sampler of Z100 promos from Dave Foxx as referred to in this months Production 212 column. We get a nice variety of promos on cuts 11 through 22 from markets of all sizes. Cuts 23 through 27 are sweeper montages, and we wrap up this months CD with some humor from Phil Kirn at Clear Channel in Anchorage. Great work everyone!

1. Neil Holmes Demo Voice Creative, Charlottesville, Virginia, neil[at]voicecreative.com
2. Shawneelink Internet, Timothy Miles, Zimmer Radio Group of Southern Illinois, liltimmy[at]accessus.net
3. Ontario Turkey Producers, Deborah Vandendiepstraten, 105.3 Kool FM, Kitchener, Ont., Canada, dvandendiepstraten[at]koolfm.com
4. Smith Chevrolet, Ric Gonzalez, Cox Radio, San Antonio, Texas, Ric.Gonzalez[at]cox.com
5. Keyless Entry/Alarm, Terry "Tunes" Miller, KSCB-FM, Liberal, Kansas, terry[at]kscb.net
6. Harbour Air, Steve Schippanoski, 100.3 The Q, Victoria, BC, Canada, Ship[at]theQ.fm
7. Financial Horizons/Mom & Dad, Doug Newman, 105.3 Kool FM, Kitchener, Ont., Canada, dnewman[at]koolfm.com
8. Red Light Inn/Lunch, Cox Radio Richmond, (804) 327-0892
9. Mailboxes Plus, Daryl Bolton, CJSD-FM, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, (807) 346-2594
10. Production 212 Audio Z100 Sampler, Dave Foxx, Z100, New York, NY, DaveFoxx[at]Clearchannel.com
11. KFOG Ozzy Goodwill, Jeff Schmidt, KFOG, San Francisco, California, jschmidt[at]susqsf.com
12. News 8/Like No Other, Wally Wawro, WFAA-TV Channel 8, Dallas, Texas, wwawro[at]wfaa.com
13. The Reporters, Stan Matecki, The Fan 590, Toronto, Ont., Canada, smatecki[at]rci.rogers.com
14. Butterfinger World Album Premier, Daniel Zagiel, Rawlco Radio, Saskatoon, Sk., Canada, spots[at]rawlco.com
15. Cledus Judd Winning Thursday, Chris Potter, ABC Radio Networks/Country Coast to Coast, Chris.M.Potter[at]abc.com
16. X-Pose the Ms, Mark Yeats, Triple M, Sydney, Australia, mark.yeats[at]austereo.com.au
17. Jambo-Freakin-Ree, Chris Rice, KRXQ/KSEG, Sacramento, California, chrisrice[at]krxq.net
18. Phrase That Pays Weekend, Carlos Montoya, KYLZ, Albuquerque, New Mexico, agmaprod[at]liveradio.com
19. Blink 182, Scott Clements, The Wolf, Regina, SK, Canada, sclements[at]harvardbroadcasting.com
20. wodj.com, Tom Wilson, WODJ-FM, Grand Rapids, Michigan, tom.wilson[at]mail.citcomm.com
21. Prince in Winnipeg, Ian Seggie, CHUM Radio, Winnipeg, Canada, ian[at]q94fm.com
22. Hells Bells, Arnie, NextMedia Kenosha, Wisconsin, radioarnie[at]aol.com
23. WWDM Sweepers, Al B. Love, Brain Damage Creative Services, tha-braindamaged1[at]att.net
24. WBOQ Sweepers, Rich Conway, WCCC/WBOQ, Hartford, Connecticut
25. WKZL Sweepers, Jon Carter, Megahertz Studios, Greensboro, North Carolina, jon[at]megahertzstudios.com
26. Sweeper Montage, Dean Tyler, Voice & Vision Productions, Ft. Myers, Florida, deansvoice[at]aol.com
27. Sweeper Montage, Whitey Whitney, KBEQ-FM, Kansas City, Missouri, whitey[at]youngcountryq104.com
28. Assweave, Phil Kirn, Clear Channel Anchorage Alaska, philkirn[at]clearchannel.com


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